What to Wear :: Engagement Photos

I'm having my engagement photos taken Sunday, and I couldn't be more excited. I did a fair amount of googling beforehand though on what to wear. The consensus is "be yourself, but better". What? That's a ton of pressure. I have to look like myself, and wear something I'd wear, but more festive? WHAT IS THAT?

I finally decided on three outfits myself - casual, nice, and dressy. And to help any of you that might be planning some photos in the future.

I love the idea of wearing white in engagement photos. You're the bride, so it is more than appropriate, and white dresses are cute styled so many ways. I paired this Max & Cleo dress with some pink tights and mary janes for a sweet, girly look and added some heart jewelry (bracelets, earrings) because it's all about love, right?

Vintage weddings are all the rage these days. Sites like Green Wedding Shoes and Ruffled have hundreds of beautiful photos that look timeless. Play up the charm factor with a vintage inspired dress, some playful floral wedges, and pearls, which never go out of style (earrings). Finish off your look with some sweet nail polish.

Finally, a more casual look is perfect for posing. You could be laying down, riding bikes, jumping off of benches. Play it safe with a classic pair of jeans in your favorite cut and fit and pair it with a cute printed top. If you want to emphasize your waist, pick one that cinches or add a belt to show it off. Finish off the look with cute flats and classic jewelry (love this chunky bracelet!).

And when it comes to coordinating, don't worry about getting too matchy with your man. Picking similar color palates or choosing complimentary colors will look best. If one of you is in a print, the other should wear a solid. And keep the style and dressiness in mind - you don't want to be in a ballgown if he's wearing shorts and a tshirt.

Gingham, Vest, Polo all J.Crew. Basically, just take him to J.Crew and pick out a shirt. You'll be fine.

The whole point of taking engagement photos is to have fun, be yourself, and get some great photos you can have around for years to come. Wear something you love and don't stress out and you'll look amazing!