What I Wore :: Wedding Weekend

This weekend, my Mom came up to Little Rock from Texas to do a little WEDDING PLANNING with me! We had a pretty decent agenda for the weekend, including shop, eat great food, and enjoy the city. So after a Say Yes to the Dress marathon Friday night to kick things off, we were ready bright and early Saturday morning for a cake tasting at Sweet Love Bakes.

Yes, that is delicious cake, frostings, and fillings for us to try. White, chocolate, strawberry, lemon and pink velvet with buttercream, Nutella, and chocolate buttercream frosting. As for fillings, we had blueberry, cookie dough, peach, chocolate ganache, strawberry, and strawberry cream cheese. They were all AMAZING - I narrowed it down to three combinations, then two, then finally made my final decision. The cake will be beautiful. Kelli from Sweet Love sent me home with a couple of samples of my cake choices too for later so I can share with my fiance - so sweet! I enjoyed the experience so much more than I even knew I would and highly recommend the bakery to everyone for everything.

After the cake tasting, it was off to our venue to show my mom what we had to work with and give her an idea of the rest of the wedding. She loved it and is already brimming with ideas. The rest of our day was spent boutique shopping in the Heights, searching for a Mother of the Bride dress, and hitting the mall hard for some non-wedding related goodies.

What do you wear for a day full of wedding festivities? I was tempted to wear a frilly white dress (as I am indeed the Bride) but went with something more casual, this Forever 21 dress and scarf. Paired with some bright and cheery Nine West sandals and my Express tote, this was just sunny enough for a day of nothing but fun. Wedding planning is way more fun than anyone gives it credit for!

Tonight, a David Tutera marathon and a menu planning session! At this rate, we'll be done by Sunday and I can just sit back and relax until September :)

Side note: I find it hilarious how many people congratulate you when you're engaged that you don't even know. I just got congratulated in Dillard's after my mom said she was shopping for an MOB dress. So cute. Speaking of cute - the ladies at Proposals just went crazy over my mom. She really is a doll!