Jet Setting :: The Blogger's Carry-On

My style blog is only a few months old, but I've been video blogging for years. Thanks to all of my iDevices, blogging on the go is seriously a breeze these days. Travelers are granted two carry-on bags: a small suitcase and one personal item, such as a purse, laptop case, or camera bag. We all know what you're taking in the first bag, so use your "personal item" to stock up on these blogger on-the-go basics.

I prefer to travel sans laptop whenever I can, especially on vacation. If I'm on a work trip, I'll lug around my 15" Macbook Pro, but a short weekend in Vegas calls for something much lighter. I can get everything I need done on my iPad, with the help of a few apps and a couple of external pieces. I love the iPad Camera Connection kit - the SD card reader allows me to upload my photos from my DSLR to my iPad for editing.

I've used plenty of different photography apps, but I prefer PhotoForge2. It allows you to finely adjust more aspects of the photo like contrast, levels, and curves. Once your photos are edited and ready to go up, Blogsy is by far my favorite blogging app for iPad. You can upload your photos to your server or Flickr using the app, format your photos and posts, and upload to a Wordpress or Blogger site.

The other piece in the camera connection kit is a USB port so you can transfer your photos and videos from your iPhone to your iPad. Particularly, the videos. The 4S camera is so good, you really don't need a point and shoot or flipcam any more. I used to travel with a flipcam for video blogging, but now I use my 4S, transfer the videos using the camera connection kit, and edit on my iPad.

If you take any video with your DSLR, I recommend downloading Avid for iPad to edit them, because it allows you to edit more formats than just iPhone/iPad videos (unlike iMovie). After a quick export, they're ready to go up on YouTube!

Travelistas must always be prepared for anything, of course. Don't forget to tote your chargers and cables where they're easy to access - charging stations are few and far between, so when you find one make sure you get a little extra juice. I also love traveling with an external charger, like this Mophie Juice Pack - it connects to your iPhone like a case and doubles the battery life so you can snap more photos, check in more places, and live-tweet your trip.

What else do I tote? A Kindle for reading on the plane or by the pool, a notebook and pen just in case inspiration hits, and extra SD cards for my DSLR. And of course, lipgloss.

I also like to carry extra storage - if there's not enough room in your suitcase for your shopping conquests, a light tote can help with your extras. Pro tip: Save your shopping bags! Airlines are much more lenient on letting passengers bring extra baggage if it's in a shopping bag for some reason. I then transfer them to the tote after going through security. I also use a clutch-style wallet. It's perfect to take out and use alone for a night out when you don't want to carry a big purse.
 Other fashionista must-haves :: Stock up on bandaids, moleskin and foot petals pre-trip to battle blisters from walking. Antibacterial wipes are great for freshening up before meals after touching everything from handrails to Disney characters. And don't forget your 3-1-1. One quart bag, 3.4 oz or less bottles. Store it in your smaller bag where it's easy to get to, and check-in will be a breeze.

So, those are what I consider to be the "blogger basics for travelistas". What are some of your must-haves for your carry-on?