30x7 :: One Last Fling

Our last night in NYC, we saw Newsies. I have to confess, I've never seen the movie, but everyone I know seems to be obsessed with it so when I saw it was on Broadway, I suggested we see it. Turns out, it was an EXCELLENT choice. Holy cow. They had four So You Think You Can Dance alumni in the cast and the rest of the boys fit right in. If you love amazing dancing and great singing, then by all means, make a trip to see this show. Plus, it's Disney. They spare no expense.

Anyway, I dressed up a bit for our night at the shows and had my sis snap a quick pick while we waited for the subway.

Waiting in line for the house to open. So long, big city! Life in Little Rock is going to seem SO BORING after my trip. I learned a few things: A. Bring a jacket even if you don't think you need one. B. Black is always the choice of locals. C. Different flats are necessary and comfort is key. Sometimes just changing flats helped my feet by putting pressure on different points. D. I'm moving to New York as soon as possible. I've always known I was supposed to live there but now it's a life goal. E. Pack lots of scarves.