30x5 :: Day of Coral

Today was one of those magic New York days where things were just happening and awesome (except for the one subway mishap that ended us in Brooklyn. Oops).

After an eventful trip to Chinatown and some gelato from Little Italy, we headed to Wall St area and stumbled upon the coolest street fair! The food looked amazing and the shopping was fun, street faire style goods like expired makeup and weird scarves. Right up my alley.

While we didn't see sun today, I picked white jeans for spring anyway, and paired it with a coral top. I had no idea my sister and mom would be wearing the same color palate! We're same brain sometimes.

Finally, we ended up at the Statue of Liberty for a quick looksie before we headed to How To Succeed in Business for the evening. Oh, but not before eating at the most delicious, charming Italiano restaurant in West Village. I told everyone I planned on living there, but my sister still insists I'll be more of an upper east sider once I see it.

I actually ended up with a two-fer today, I put on a blazer and heels for night to hit Broadway. I didn't get a full pic, so we'll just count it as a bonus points outfit.

PS :: Nick Jonas is so adorable!