30x4 :: Delightfully cultured

Our second full day in New York! The weather promised sunnier skies and warmer temps, so I took a chance and wore my dress today, along with some shoes that made me feel ready to jump my yacht.
We hit the Museum of Modern Art today and got a lesson in contemporary, thanks to my art major sis.

A couple of my favorite pieces. And my cute boat shoes from Kohl's (only $16!)

After a trip to 30 Rock to see Liz Lemon and grab some food from street vendors, I popped into La Maison de Chocolat and picked up my first macaroon. Seriously, never had one before. I get it now. It's soft like a cake and crunchy like a cookie. Yum.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering Park and 5th and making a wish list at Saks, which suited me just fine. That evening, my sister and I headed to Sleep No More, which is another blog all together! SO AMAZING. You absolutely must see it if you're ever in NY, trust me.