30x21 :: Coral Tuesday

Y'all, it's getting hot. It doesn't help that I spent my Memorial Day poolside and am now radiating a sunburn heat. I'm having a hard time finding anything that I want touching my skin.
Shorts + t-shirt is pretty much my standard summer uniform. I love this StyleMint tee for post-sunburn because it's loose and soft. And I can pretty much take these Forever 21 shorts off without unbuttoning them so the combination of the two kept me cool and comfortable for the day. Maybe I shouldn't have worn shorts the same color as my poor skin. WHATEVER.
As for the rest of it, I honestly have had the bracelets so long I can't remember where they all came from. The belt is vintage, the boat shoes are from Kohl's, and the scarf is from The Limited. They are my favorite place to buy infinity scarves. They have the cutest prints! So with that, we only have 9 more outfits to go! This is the home stretch! Now I'm off to rub myself down with some more aloe.