30x20 :: Sunday Funday

We love a good Sunday Funday around here. It was my mom's last day in town, so I took her to The House for brunch before she left, which she loved. I think they have the best brunch food in town. After that, I met up with my friends for a little patio time at US Pizza.

It was hot, even in the shade, so I ditched the Forever 21 jacket pretty soon after pictures. But I love a navy stripe with a bright color right now, and this pink tank from H&M is pretty much my favorite. It's breezy, what can I say? Finished off with Limited shorts and JustFab wedges, I was ready to drink the US Pizza ranch with a straw. What can I say? That stuff is GOOD.

We finished off the night with a particularly horrible experience at Creegan's and a particularly lovely one at Dickey Stephens. Let's just say, I ordered cheese fries which were going to take an hour, so we switched it to chips and salsa, and an hour later he told us they were out of chips, but he could make us some cheese fries. What?

But the fireworks at DSP were delightful. And a girl can't be mad about a day that ends in fireworks, can she?