30x2 :: Traveling Pants

Today was my big day of travel - Dallas to Philly to New York. I go by three things when flying: Layers, flat shoes, and ability to cross my legs.

30 for 30 pieces day two
What appears to be a scarf on my neck is actually a wrap cardigan! It's long design makes it perfect to double as a scarf, then I can use it as a sweater if I get cold (as I tend to do in airports). These loafers were also key in security check-in. They slip on and off before I can hold up the line of grumpy travelers. Why is everyone so grumpy anyway? I love flying!
30x30 outfit day two
Purple wrap cardi, chunky necklace
The accessories :: wrap cardi as scarf, chunky necklace in case I take it off. And of course, my trust travel companion, Z the Pug.
Stuffed pug toy
Mint jeans, white tee, purple scarf
I'm actually posting this during my layover in Philadelphia. I'm eating cheddar combos and a Diet Dr Pepper for dinner. Clearly this airport is a little ghetto, but at least they have my diet DP.