30x18 :: Business Casual Pt 2

What? Part Two? Isn't that kind of lazy? No, people. It's called a series.

A few years ago, I was a manager at the Limited. It was my job every day to dress women for work. Pretty much, that's why most women came in. They either had just gotten a new job and needed lots of new work clothes, or they were looking for a dress for a special event. It was so fun to help ladies discover their style. And my main goal was to teach everyone that 9-5 wear didn't have to be boring.

Instead of going with the full black pants, white button up, and black suit jacket, think about mixing your pieces up. I love a good power suit (and The Limited has the BEST suit jackets with feminine details!) but you can end up feeling really Hilary Clinton sometimes if you don't accessorize it correctly. There are so many GORGEOUS colorful blazers for sale right now at tons of differently priced retailers. You can grab a bright red at Forever 21 for fun and save your investment money for a great black structured piece with a fun detail like a bow or ruffle. I think the best suits and blazers have extra little girly details that make them more than just an average suit. The orange lining and little gold zippers on this Zara jacket make it even more fun (although the pink is a pretty great statement already).

So when you're agonizing in your closet for that perfect interview outfit, why not try a neutral dress and a bright colored blazer? It may be far from traditional, but I believe people are drawn to color. It'll make you feel more cheery and magnetic. And if all else fails, perhaps some cute boy will buy you a coffee afterwords because you're looking so fly.

Shop this look: RD Style Pink Blazer, $70 | ASOS Floral Blazer, $45 | 2b Red Blazer, $45