30x16 :: BBQ Party

I like to give you guys a run-down of what I was doing whenever I wear my outfits, because I think a lot of blogs don't have real world application. Sure, your striped shorts and sequin tank top are adorable, but where am I supposed to wear that?

Lucky for you, this blog is just as much about WHERE to wear your outfits as how. And it's sprinkled with a little southern charm so y'all can all decide to move down here and enjoy life as we know it.

Speaking of life as we know it, this weekend I had the pleasure of attending a local radio station's giant BBQ party - called the Buzz-B-Q. The radio's nickname is the Buzz, if that helps any. Basically, people tailgate out at this RV park in North Little Rock and smoke some meat. There's some sort of contest, I think, but you buy tickets to go and gorge yourself on free samples.

Fried bologna - and unexpected YUM! I also loved this jalepeno and cheese stuffed sausage I got a hold of. Oh, my goodness. There was BBQ shrimp, pulled pork, ribs, chicken wings...you name it. Mind you, walking around in a 90 degree heat sometimes lessens the appeal of spicy food, but I sampled enough before the heat took it's toll.

It's also a great event for people watching. Not only did I get to talk to some great people who LOVED telling me about their passion for the BBQ craft, I saw some sweet BBQ Party fashion - particularly this fine fellow who was wearing shorts with some sort of camouflage leg warmers. He was riding on the front of a lawn mower. Because why not?

 So what to wear to the state's biggest barbeque bash? I went for simple and cool - Limited denim shorts (which in hindsight, I should have chosen something with more stretch to make room for more bacon!), a breezy yellow blouse from Forever 21 and a matching scarf for a nice neon punch. I finished it off with my gold Kohl's boat shoes and a couple of jewels from BaubleBar. Don't forget your sunglasses - I picked up mine on the streets of NYC.