30x13 :: Feeling Trucky

Food Truck LR made me an offer I couldn't refuse today - after they tweeted about their special today, double beef and cheese and bacon truck burger on Texas toast, BB and I couldn't refuse. There's a parking lot on University where a large group of food trucks meet every day called @UMat4corners and it's a magical place with delicious food and picnic tables.

What does one wear for a trip to the food truck court? Sometime comfortable, and this time of year, something cool. I chose this new lace bottom tank I got at H&M which is just sheer and short enough to let in some breeze. Paired with my ShoeMint sandals and some white jeans, topped off with a striped scarf from Forever 21.

And now splattered with the delicious feeling of an awesome burger. Oh, and if you're ever in Little Rock, please try Food Truck LR. Especially the sweet potato chips and truck punch. Oh, my.