30x12 :: Candy Striper

I love this StyleMint tee dress. I missed out on the Broadway tees (I'm desperately hoping they bring them back in any and all colors), so I decided the dress was the next best (if not even better) thing.

This outfit post isn't much, but it is an ode to the t-shirt dress.

Oh, dear tee dress, you are comfy, you are cute, and you are remixable. I can dress you up with a blazer and heels, or spend my day running errands in you wearing flats and a cute scarf.

I have to opt for a belt with this dress, or a top layer that cinches at the waist, because I bought it a size bigger than I probably should have to leave plenty of room for my birthing hips. It isn't as fitted at the waist as I'd prefer but the slouchiness of the whole thing ended up being quite appealing to me. All I did today was run to the mall and play video games. This outfit was magnificent for just that.