30x10 :: Foam Fest!

Ten days into the 30 for 30 Wardrobe Remix and I have to admit, I'm gonna have to close my closet door. My other clothes are calling to me! 20 outfits to go. I can do this.

Last night, my friends and I hit up Foam Fest at Dickey Stephens Park, a benefit for the Arthritis Foundation. There were vendors and breweries set up around the park with over 130 different brews to try. We sampled everything from strawberry infused beer to sparkling peach cider.

They gave us cute little glasses to sample with and we got to chat with a lot of the brewers, which was fun. We asked New Belgium whatever happened to Skinny Dip and they informed us that they rotate out their summer brews every couple of years, so we'll probably see it again in another year or so! That was probably the best discovery of the evening. I also was a fan of sampling all of the summer brews. Sierra Nevada Summerfest and New Belgium Shift were two of my favorites. I also loved Goose Island's Sophie. All in all, it was a great event and I think I'll be attending again.

Oh, and it was a perfect evening for a maxi skirt and sheer top. My H&M statement necklace and a pink bag from ShoeDazzle finished off the look.