30 for 30 Upate :: A Small Swap

Anyone who has done the 30 for 30 Remix can probably tell you - some pieces just don't work out. In the rules, Kendi says you can't swap things out during the remix, but I'm assuming that means pieces you've already worn. That makes sense. But I see no reason why I can't swap out a few pieces I haven't worn yet.

The pieces I haven't found a way to wear: A purple dress, a camel cardigan, and a crochet crop top. The first two were pieces I chose specifically for NYC, but now that I'm home I realize there's not a lot of places I can wear them. The purple dress is cute but it's longer silhouette makes it more appropriate for a work event than a trip to the store. The camel cardi is cute, but it's really too hot for it back in the south. And the crop is awesome, but it can't stand alone, making it a difficult piece to remix. Ha, however did I see it as a great option to start?

So the pieces I will be trading them out for are hopefully a little more practical and remixable. I just realized the other night that I was having a hard time finding an outfit I hadn't already worn that was appropriate for my day to day life - which is extremely casual. I'm already learning things about the remix, when I do it in the fall I'll be sure to think about normal life when I'm picking the pieces.

The pieces I am adding to my 30: A navy and white striped knit blazer, a red skirt (both from Forever21) and a pink tank which you will see in it's first outfit post later today (H&M). We cool?