OOTD :: Freaky Friday

To be honest, I spend a lot of time pulling clothes on and off when I'm getting dressed. I wish I could be a visionary and just IMAGINE the outfit, put it on, and walk out the door all fabulous. But sometimes, I get an idea in my head for which piece I'd like to wear and then have a difficult time getting that look to come to fruition. Enter leopard print, high-waist harem pants.

I bought these pants under emotional distress of some sort or other, and I knew they were wrong. But I wanted a challenge and something just DREW me to them. I think I wore them fairly successfully the first time (here) but didn't get a great pic of them. I've also been dying to try them long and with flats for a more relaxed look. I didn't quite get to that, but I was like, OH MAN I AM NAILING THIS.

But after seeing these pictures, I'm not entirely sure I even should have been in public. The jacket is too short for the high waist, the tank is WAY too loose and it all makes me look about 10 sizes bigger than I am. I get that these pants aren't the most flattering item I've ever bought, but the pancake-diaper butt was just too much.

So why share this fail instead of keeping it to myself? Well, I think we're all under this impression that style bloggers are like, SO PUT TOGETHER and I'd like to showcase the opportunity that I am, indeed, not. That's gonna be my thing. Sometimes I wear really questionable things. Like this morning when I dropped my pug off at the vet, I was wearing pink jeans with a purple tank and Croc flats (which definitely have some orange in them). I'm not trying to keep up appearances at all, IN FACT, maybe Fail Friday should become my thing! When I put on these pants yesterday, the first thing BB said when he saw me was, "What is UP with those pants?" I told him the sooner he took the pictures the sooner I'd change them and after previewing them on my iPad, I actually slipped on some white jeans and called it a day.

POINT IS. I think a little trial and error does a blogger good. I know what went wrong with this outfit (everything except the shoes which of course, were perfect). So I'll either put these pants in the Goodwill pile, try to make shorts out of them, or try again next time correcting what I think went wrong. I do think they look a lot better pulled up around my calves, at least. Now feel free to return to this post and laugh at pancake-diaper butt whenever you feel the urge.