OOTD :: Food Truck Fridays

HEY! Happy Friday, y'all. You might think the working-from-home gal wouldn't value Fridays as dearly as the normal 9-to-5ers, but I still find it's a magical day.

And what can make a magical day better? Well, if you guessed food, you either know me personally or I've been entirely too transparent on this blog. Friday + Food = Food Truck Friday in Downtown Little Rock and I was pleased as a peach when BB suggested we hit up Hot Dog Mike for lunch.

My dog of choice? Cheese and banana peppers. HDM got me hooked on the banana peppers on a hot dog when he first started slinging, I even make them at home now. YUM. They even saved the very last Dr Pepper for me. It was such a beautiful day, we didn't even mind the long lines.

After lunch, a quick walk around downtown and it was back to work for both of us. Today's ensemble is far from casual Friday, but I think this red blazer is fun and quirky (it's rare to find one with short sleeves!). I've had all of this stuff so long, I honestly couldn't tell you where any of this crap is from except the earrings, which are the blush Rachels from JewelMint. I went ahead and listed similars at the bottom though!

Similar Jacket: Wet Seal, $24.50
Similar Skirt: Forever 21, $13.80
Similar Top: Nordstrom, $28.00
Similar Wedges: QVC, $49.00