OOTD :: Crawfish!

It's that time of year again - I'm from the Louisiana border side of Texas, so this time of year we are all about some crawfish (or crawdads if you're rull deep woods). When my sister first introduced me to the mudbugs, I thought it was disgusting - not only did they still have FACES, you had to crack open their spines and dig out their guts! GROOOSSSS. Then somewhere along the way, I have no idea when, I decided they were awesome and now I have to eat them every spring.

BB and I have been trying to go get crawfish for weeks now - the restaurant right down the street from our house has them every Wednesday. For some reason, our Weds have been booked for almost a month straight, but finally we found a night to hit the patio, have some Goose Island summer brew, and enjoy a few spicy crawfish and corn. Oh, and lordy was it delicious. I love the south.

Of course, for the occasion, I was completely inappropriately dressed. I went with a preppy chic look today - a blazer and a skirt I snagged from Urban Outfitters when I was in Madison last summer (I always like to take home clothes as souvenirs!). I may have come home with a few crawfish splatters on my (white!) shirt. Still, it was worth it. PS - things you have to ignore in this pic include my hair. Believe me, it's better. I'm doing the "Curly Girl Method (here)", and it takes about 6 weeks before your hair isn't a hot mess (apparently).
 Blazer, Luella for Target (similar). Ruffle Blouse, The Limited (similar). Skirt, Urban Outfitters (similar). Shoes, Madden Girl (similar).