More Crap in a Box :: Julep Maven

K, So y'all KNOW I love getting stuff in the mail. How many different clubs am I a member of now? Like a million. Shoes, clothes, jewelry, makeup...I love it all. My UPS man even calls me Shopzilla. Which I guess I should be offended by, but I keep him skinny because he has to climb three flights of stairs a few times a week.

Anyway, I decided to try out the latest box trend, Julep Maven. I hadn't heard of Julep polishes before this, but I recently got into nail polish in a major way. I've found myself picking up a new Essie every time I hit up Target. So basically, Julep Maven sends you a new Maven box every month (for $20) with three full sized polishes and sometimes some other random stuff. You do a survey and get a certain style of box. Mine is It Girl, but you're allowed to change to one of the other boxes (Like All American Girl or Bombshell) if you're feeling something new.

I did some Googling and found a coupon code to get my first box for 1 penny - worth it! They estimate the value of most boxes to be over $40, so if you enjoy new colors of polish and getting things in the mail, it's well worth it. What I think is really cool and different about Julep Maven is the fact that you can skip a month, choose your style, and even choose to send it to a friend if you're going out of town or something. I don't suspect I'll need new polishes every month, so I like the option to skip a few.

The It Girl colors are cute - a green, an iridescent white, and an awesome purple. They'll be fun for spring and they're definitely not like anything else I have. I just did a fresh coat of my Tangerine Tango from Sephora, so I didn't want to try them out right away, but here's a few swatches on paper. TOTALLY the same thing, right??

If you want to try out Julep Maven, here's the link. If you want to get it for a penny, try the coupon code COLOR2012 (it may be expired, so just google around, I think they have a new one each month).