Jet Setting :: Toiletries to Go

I'm leaving for NYC in less than a week! So. Excited. This is my first trip to the City, so I'm being pretty particular about my packing. I always plan my suitcase carefully, especially for trips where I'm flying. I love checking a bag, but it's not always convenient to lug it around a city (or to pay $25 to get it everywhere!). So I frequently pack in a rolling carry-on, which calls for plenty of planning and strategy when it comes to packing.

I've been googling and searching for packing tips for weeks now, and found some good ones (here, and here). But there still seems to be a void to fill when it comes to picture posts and packing lists, so the next week is devoted completely to the method behind my packing madness.

Besides clothes, I'd venture to say all of your toiletries are probably the most important thing to pack. No matter what anyone says, the shampoo and soap at your hotel ain't gonna cut it if you're there for more than a day. And thanks to TSA, we can't just throw our favorite bottle of conditioner in our bag and be done with it any more. Some people say, "Just buy it when you get there!" But I say, save your pennies and plan ahead.

birchbox premium samples
Thanks to Birchbox, I almost always have some sample sizes I can throw in my bag. The Philosophy cleanser and Kiehl's moisturizer are actually two of my favorites - and I hold on to the bottles long after they run out so I can refill them for travel. All of these tiny bottles fit perfectly in a small make up bag, making it easy to look good on the go. Just remember your liquids - one 1-gallon ziplock baggie, and everything in it must be 3.4 oz or less (3-1-1). I always think it's four, so don't make my mistake and give up your precious hair gel. I use the TSA approved refillable shampoo/conditioner bottles to tote my hair care (no brainer!), and I can carry a lot more of these sample size bottles than the larger ones in my one sad little ziplock.

sample size perfumes from sephora for travel
If you're a scent junkie, drop by Sephora before you leave and have them make you a couple of perfume samples. The girls are always more than willing to let you take a few small vials with you, and it's a great time to try a new scent. Even though most of my perfumes fit within the 3oz rule, I'd hate to see what could happen to the glass bottle in my suitcase. Leaking, breaking, not an option! Smaller scents are the way to go, especially since most places are eager to give them to you. (I like Chanel Mademoiselle and Kate Spade Twirl right now!)

Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes from LA Fresh
 These LA Fresh wipes are my LIFESAVER when it comes to travel. Seriously, just order them. They also come in individually wrapped packages if you wanted to throw them in your purse or make up bag for a short trip. They get rid of every last piece of make up and dirt on your face, smell great, and don't leave that nasty filmy residue that a lot of other make up wipes do. I skip most other skin care on a trip and just use these, because they won't leak all over your suitcase and they're easier to use on the go.

Jewelry Wallet from JewelMint organizes your baubbles
Finally, think about small bags for carrying everything. I know there's probably some huge bag that has a million pockets that could fit everything in one, but that sounds like it would take up a lot of suitcase real estate. Since I want more space for shoes, I choose to put everything in it's own little bag that can be easily stuffed in various open spots. Thankfully, I've been a MyGlam member for a couple of months and they send these cute little bags each month for me to re-purpose into holders for make up, jewelry, and lipgloss. I decided to go with the make up basics instead of taking my giant bag - a small primer, powder foundation, eyeliner (liquid and regular) and mascara. A trip (where you take tons of pictures!) is not the place to experiment with your look. I'm taking a favorite palette, Naked 2, as the rest of my make up. It'll lay flat in my suitcase and I chose 2 over 1 because the box design is more likely to stay shut in transit.

I also put my jewelry in special cases - this jewelry wallet from JewelMint is perfect for keeping your necklaces untangled and your earrings in pairs. Since accessories are the #1 way to make your travel ensembles new and fresh, I'll probably end up taking two jewelry wallets. The great thing about those is, they're nice and flat and hardly take up any room.

So that's where I start! The next few days we'll explore everything from outfits to shoes to how to pack the perfect carry on. Happy travels!