Impress Press-On Manicure :: Love it or Leave it?

A few months ago, I ordered a few pairs from ShoeDazzle that each came with this fun little freebie - Impress Press-On Manicures, the latest brain child from Broadway Nails. At first I was like, SERIOUSLY? We used to do these when we were 10 (and I was terrible at putting them on back then too)!

But, I was feeling a little bored this afternoon and I haven't painted my nails in a while, so I figured I'd give them a shot. For some reason, I chose the Barbie pink (because that's totally going to look realistic, right??). The instructions are pretty easy, just peel the tab off and stick, which is a huge difference in the old stick on manicures that required glue or those horrible double sided sticky dots. The tabbed end of the nail goes at the cuticle, and after a little trial and error I found that trimming them BEFORE you stick them on is the way to go.

After you've pressed them all down, now is the time to take an emery board to them like mad. When I first finished putting them on, I started laughing because I looked ridiculous. Clearly, I'm not used to getting my nails done in the first place, but these were hood-tastic long and square and I could not look more like I'd put on stick-on nails.

After I rounded off the edges and shortened them to what I considered reasonable, I was actually a little impressed. They honestly do kind of look like a gel manicure or overlays, rather than a stick on fake nail. I think in the right color, they could look like a real manicure. There are 36 colors/styles according to the website. The first set I'd gotten was in a VoxBox last year that had the ugliest flower pattern on it I'd ever seen, so I wasn't particularly interested in trying them until I got these normal colors for free.

The Verdict? They're supposed to last a week, but I've already almost popped off one or two of them. I think if you take your time and apply them properly, they would last longer than an average nail painting. I personally wouldn't wear them every day, because I'm not a really froofy-nail-girl as I hate manicures and tips and overlays and anything to do with cuticles. However, for a special occasion or something I think they're super fun, SUPER easy, super fast, and surprisingly, they look good. The way the edges are rounded makes them look less like a stuck on nail and more like a glaze or something.

So...I kind of love them! I can see myself using them again. Supposedly you can buy them at places like WalMart and Walgreens. I was looking at the website and there are some pretty nice colors, and I guess if you're feeling wild you could mix and match. Even through in one of the crazy prints as an accent nail, that would be cute.

If you want more info, it's on the Impress nails website: