AJ's Kitchen :: Easy Bang Bang Shrimp

Okay y'all, Pinterest makes me feel horribly inadequate and like a superstar all at once. I ambitiously pin recipes week in and out but let's face it, cooking takes a lot of effort, so I pretty much take the general "idea" of a recipe and find the way to make it easier.

Enter Bang Bang Shrimp. It's a copy-cat recipe for a Bonefish appetizer that involves real shrimp, breading, deep frying, saucing etc etc. BLAH TOO MUCH WORK. Here's the AJ cheat version.
Sauce Ingredients: Thai sweet chili sauce, Sriracha, Mayo.

Mix 5 TBSP mayo, 3 TBSP chili sauce, 2-3 tsp Sriracha (less if you hate spice). Whisk together, set aside.
Here's where it gets easy. See this? It's crispy Kroger shrimp. Comes with sauce, but I opted to make my own. You can find it in the frozen seafood section. It's different from the normal breaded shrimp, because it's really close to panko breaded, just like the Bonefish version! Follow the instructions on the package (I baked).

I somehow forgot to take a pic of this part, but when they're done toss them in the sauce bowl and coat them well. I then threw them and the extra sauce over a bed of lettuce, carrots, and purple cabbage and chopped some green onions on top.

Cost: under $10. Taste: delicious!! I only kind of remember the restaurant version but this has to be super close. Easy factor: awesome. It felt homemade but was on the table in less than 30 minutes. Take that, you Pinterest perfect sluts.