OOTD: Cheeseburger in Paradise

Okay, so this is hardly a traditional "Outfit of the Day" post, because no one in their right mind would probably wear a cheeseburger dress in public under normal circumstances. HOWEVER, to a Jimmy Buffett concert, anything goes!

 I decided to skip the traditional parrot hats and grass skirts and opted for my own fashion spin on a cheeseburger. I found this peplum dress at XXI for only $17.80. Added a couple of towels from the dollar store ($2), felt cheese, tomatoes, and burger patty ($1) and some festive wire on a headband for a toothpick finishing touch ($1)! The total was under $25 and no doubt, I was definitely the best fashionable cheeseburger there. Actually, I'm 95% sure I was the only person dressed as a cheeseburger there.

 Of course, a pre-concert tailgate and large amounts of dancing always calls for sensible flats. As much as I was dying to go pick up a pair of the red gingham Jimmy Choos for the event (like a little picnic blanket! would have been so cute!), I opted for something a little more practical. I've had these little red patents forever, and I think their buckles are so nautical and fun for summer.

Of course, the concert was AH-MAH-ZING. So much fun! Even if you don't like Jimmy Buffett's music, it's such a fun party. Everyone is wearing color and dancing and singing along, and there are these guys who wear light up fins and run through the audience. It's a blast, definitely one of my favorite concerts I've ever attended (and this was my second time!)

Fins up!

What 17,000 ParrotHeads look like:

The Man of the Hour! This dude rocks!