AJ's Kitchen: Sriracha Cream Sauce

I cannot claim the credit for this recipe. But I can guarantee it will totally change your life. I found it with a recipe for teriyaki stuffed salmon, which I made tonight, but this sauce pretty much tastes a-mah-zing with anything. And there's plenty left over for later.

Ingredients: Sriracha, mayo, and sweetened condensed milk.

Combine 1/4c Sriracha with 1c of mayo, mix well, then add three tablespoons of milk and whisk until it's all lovely and orange. From there, I add squirts of Sriracha until its a delicious spicy mix. Adding more milk makes it more mild, more Sriracha makes it spicier.

Serve over chicken, fish, dunk your carrots in it, cover your sushi with it...or lick it off a spoon. You're welcome.

The link to the original recipe, plus the salmon (which is freaking awesome!) is right here.