Pinterest Picks: Get Hungry

Pinterest has done ridiculous things for meal time around my house. My crockpot is getting a workout almost every day now. I'm sure boyfriends and husbands around the world are rejoicing at the fact that food is on the table every night. So this week in my Pinterest picks are all. about. food.

You can always tell when someone is hungry based on what they're pinning. I am always hungry, so therefore, I'm always pinning food. I've had this buffalo chicken and potato casserole in my sights for a while, so last night I bit the bullet and made it.

It's a pretty simple recipe - chicken, Frank's buffalo sauce, and hashbrowns makes up the bulk with some cheese, ranch, and cream of chicken soup fill in the flavor. It was actually quite delicious - I didn't have anything to make a crunch on top like breadcrumbs so I'd add that next time. I used a bag of frozen southern style hashbrowns so it was a little chunky, and I chose to just use ranch powder instead of the actual dressing so it wouldn't be too soupy (as some of the comments mentioned). All in all, delicious, but too many potatoes. Maybe that was my fault, maybe I should have made more chicken. All I know is, I heated it up again today and put it in some tortillas with some cheese and those buffalo chicken tacos were awesome too. Overall score: 3/5 noms.

Speaking of tacos, THIS is my NEW. FAVORITE. CHICKEN. Oh, my goodness and it's SO EASY. WHY AM I YELLING?? But seriously, I can't believe I've never done this before. I threw a few frozen chicken breasts into the crock pot and covered them in salsa and taco seasoning. That's it! The resulting chicken was so tender and delicious, I could eat it every day. I did shred the chicken after about 2 hours and let it soak for another 30 minutes or so to let the flavor really set in. We ate them with tortillas and cheese and sour cream, but this base is going to be perfect to put on rice, in tortilla soup, even on nachos. Overall rating: 5/5 delicious noms.

Finally, this recipe was so simple, it really shouldn't even be called a recipe. But someone discovered this delicious combination and now it's my new favorite crockpot dinner. Frozen chicken, drained pineapples, pretty simple. The kicker is that sauce from Target. It's a little spicy, a little sweet, and tangy delish. What comes out is this awesome tasting chicken and delightful little pineapple chunks. I'm kind of in love with pineapple right now. I dropped this junk on some rice and called it a night.

Follow my food board here if you're so inclined to learn more about my adventures in hunger. Any Pinterest recipes you've discovered that you just can't live without now?