OOTD: Stripes + Leather

It's Thursday! That means...it's LADIES NIGHT. That always calls for my fanciest of duds, because let's face it, aside from date night it's the only night I get to dress up. The biggest difference is ladies night is where I do all of my "experimenting".

I'd hardly call a pleather skirt an experiment, but it's shape does propose a bit of a challenge. Tough but sweet? How on earth do you do that? The answer came to me in a paper-wrapped package tied in a leather string from StyleMint. I have to tell you, I'm in love with this tee. I made the discovery earlier today it gives it a totally different, cool look if I wear it untucked. I almost had a hard time deciding which way to go. It looks great with jeans, cute with a skirt...I'm having a hard time not wearing it every day. Because c'mon...stripes. Y'all know how I feel about those.

Besides that, today is day 9 of shoes. I found these cuties in the back of my closet. I used to LOVE them! Bought them about the time that booties became popular, forgot about them, and now I'm resurrecting them. That is what this challenge is all about! Finding something I used to love and forgot about. There are going to be some gems in my closest, no doubt.

Tee, StyleMint. Skirt, XXI. Shoes, no idea. Necklace, gifted.