One Year of Shoes: Day 1

Happy February! I didn't get in on this whole "new year, new challenge" thing that most bloggers seem to, but I am a terrible blogger, so this just goes with the theme! The thing is, I really want to become a better blogger. I started this little style blog with the hopes that it would make me more creative with fashion, wear more of my clothes, and possibly even just get dressed in general.

But to really get this thing off the ground and start something I can get excited about, I've decided to do a CHALLENGE. That's right, this is happening. At first I thought, just outfits in February. But why not take it a little further? I'm getting married this year and combining closets is going to be a tricky ordeal. So here's the challenge - one year, every shoe I own. Thing is, I have no idea how many shoes I have. So I'm not restricting myself to one pair a day, because I have my favorites I will most likely want to wear again. But any shoes I haven't worn by the end of the year will be donated, given to my sister, mom, or friends with similar sized feet. If I can't figure out how to wear it, I probably don't need it.

So let's start with day one!

This is Leighton. She's hardly the kind of shoe practical for running errands, but I love how she looks great with leggings or alone. I picked her up from a JustFab sale recently and can't believe it took me so long to commit!

Top & Skirt, Forever 21. Belt, Chicos. Earrings, Forever Audrey by JewelMint. Shoes, Leighton by JustFabulous. 

Now, this experiment might end up with a lot of mirror snapshots if I'm going to do it every day. I'm still trying to get the hang of where to take pictures and all of that, but wearing all of your shoes in a year when working from home is going to be a challenge. I mean, most days I don't put on PANTS let alone shoes. And I don't know where these fashion bloggers get their photographers. I don't see my fiance until well after 6pm when the sun is gone. So it's going to take some time for me to learn how to do all of the photo taking.

Above: Photo taken at David's Bridal when I picked up my WEDDING DRESS TODAY OMG.

Anyway, this isn't about the photos. It's about the challenge of getting creative with my clothing and wearing all of the wonderful shoes I've collected so far.

And possibly a little about purging. But I really hope it won't come to that. I'm going to try my darndest to wear every last pair, you bet your boots (or mine, eek).