Jason Wu'd Us

Anyone who is anyone knew that the Jason Wu for Target collection dropped today. And according to the girl at Target, they were all there at 7:30am knocking down the door. An employee told me they did $17,000 sales this morning at the WLR Target this morning. What the what?!

So by the time we got there at 11:30, yes, it was picked over. But a trip to the dressing room and digging through the sizes there proved to be a perfect shopping trip.

 Our trusty dressing room holder Amy!
 I loved the fit of this skirt, and the mix of small and large prints. But I hated that the top was a lighter navy than the skirt! Not my FAVE - this was a pass.
 Cute top for $23! Everything seemed to run large - this included. But it's a cute casual top!
 My favorite pick today! I snagged my size in this adorable navy dress by the dressing room. Someone's loss was my success! It fit so well, I couldn't believe it was a Target dress.
 Our spoils of Wu! Even a tad late, we still made out like bandits.
What did you guys pick up?