Chic Peeks: The best of Pinterest this Week

Seriously, Pinterest is out of control. Every party has at least 8 dips from it, every girl you know is talking about it, and if you haven't noticed, brides and baby moms pretty much took over it from day one. It gets dull having to sift through mounds of crap to find a few treasures sometimes, so if you want nothing but fashionista favorites in your feed, I suggest you follow my board "Every Girl is a Carrie". It's mostly outfit inspiration and an occasional item I've deemed a must-have. I'm not an expert by any means, but I promise I won't pin any ugly sweatshirts and pretend like it's a cute outfit idea.

That being said, I think we should take a look at my favorite pins from this week.

COLORED PANTS. Oh my goodness, the more I see the more I need. It's the grown up version of colored jeans and let's face it, the fit is going to be far more flattering. If you've found that the Forever 21 varieties leave you wanting (they leave me looking like my legs are melting popsicle sticks if that makes sense...too long, too skinny, and too tight!) I suggest you pick up a few pairs of these. Express has a super variety of colors and with a BOGO 50% off sale right now on pants, you'll be out under $100.

Now as for the J.Crew - clearly, you can't beat them. It's a little more pricey but I've seen them on and they are fanTAStic. Plus the green is deep and delicious.

BaubleBar won me over this week with their ADORABLE new take on the Carrie Bradshaw nameplate necklace. It's updated for a modern gal on the go and available in gold, rose gold, and silver and I literally can't sleep until I find someone to buy a kidney from me so I can buy @AJisTwittery. It's custom order, of course (they don't have @sexybabycutiepie87 on hand, sorry) but it only takes about 5 weeks to get a custom order which is crazy pants fast. I love.

Finally, let's talk jumpsuits. I'd pretty much deemed this trend over last year. I mean, I bought my first jumpsuit several years ago when they were on the cutting edge, so surely we must be tired of them, right? WRONG. Just this month I've re-discovered my love. The jumpsuit has evolved. It's become more daring and delightful. We started in chic black shapes but now with the rise of color, jumpsuits are reborn into our lives with fantastic little details like the back of this one. I myself bought a jumpsuit recently that's fuchsia, wide leg, and just loud and awesome in general. I say, wear a bright jumpsuit like you would an evening gown. It's a little more casual and versatile, but still special for a night out or a day on the town.
What are your Pinterest picks this week?