Things I Wore :: August 2019

Another month, another batch of outfits. I seemed to change mid-day a lot in August, for whatever reason. And some outfits I liked so much, I wore them multiple times. A girl knows what she likes, you know?


8/1 (day): Somewhat lazy work outfit. Jeans, Banana Republic. Tank, Loft. Tee, SheIn. Boots, Coach.

8/1 (night): Met my girlfriends for happy hour after work and decided to put on a cute outfit since I had changed out of my day clothes into workout gear. Top, Forever 21. Pants, Asos. Heels, Manolo Blahnik.

8/2: I 100% felt like a super hero wearing this amount of hair to work and I 100% did not care what anyone thought. Top, Zara. Pants, c/o SheIn (15% off with code Q3ajwears). Wedges, Prada. Pony, Insert Name Here.


8/3: Saturday casual getup for Pokemon Go community day and some poke bowls. And more fake hair, obviously. Top, Fringe. Shorts, H&M. Sneakers, Gucci. Hair, Insert Name Here.

8/4: We tried to go to drag brunch but it was packed so we went and got pizza instead. Then that turned into an afternoon at the driving range, where I was definitely not dressed appropriately but enjoyed being a terrible shot. Set, c/o SheIn (15% off your order with code Q3ajwears). Hat, Fringe. Sandals & Bag, Gucci.

8/5: Work outfit and official audition to work for Delta. Blouse, Elizabeth & Clarke. Skirt, H&M. Heels, 1.STATE.

8/6: I accidentally discovered this suit matches and wore shorts to work. Outfit deets on this post.


8/7: It’s too hot to wear clothes so I chose a flowy skirt for work. Top & Skirt, SheIn. Bag, Prada via TheRealReal. Sandals, JustFab.

8/8: MOM JEANS. Outfit details here.

8/9: Super cute dress I threw in my cart to get free shipping! Dress, Old Navy. Wedges, Prada via The RealReal. Belt, Vintage.

8/10: Casual outfit for weekend stuff, like eating pizza and going to the mall. Tee and Jeans, Old Navy. Shoes, Ugg.


8/12: Work wear. Skirt, Rebecca Minkoff…or Taylor. Can’t remember. Shirt, SheIn. Heels, 1.STATE.

8/13: I worked from home and ran some errands today, so I dressed nice and casual. Dress, Old Navy. Sandals, Gucci.

8/14: I’m honestly not sure about these pants, but I saw them in a FB ad and thought they were fun. This may be the only time you see them. Pants, SheIn.


8/15: I have been on the hunt for the perfect white pants. I don’t know if these are it, but they’re pretty darn close. I just wish they were lined. Pants and top, SheIn. Heels, 1.STATE.

8/16: Headed up to the Spring River for BB’s birthday and I had a whole weekend outfit plan. I didn’t get outfit photos of all of my Baywatch-themed river garb, but this country getup I did. Top, Asos. Shorts, H&M. Shoes, Ugg.

8/19: This outfit turned out a lot cuter than I thought. Top & Dress, SheIn. Shoes, Asos.


8/20: Work from home Tuesday, typical workout wear. Set by Outdoor Voices. Shoes, Asos.

8/21: Work outfit! It was almost cool enough to wear this blazer outside. Not really, but almost. Blazer, Asos. Jeans, Old Navy. Tank, Madewell. Shoes, Gucci.

8/22 (day): I couldn’t decide what to wear today so I just went simple for work. Tee, H&M. Skirt, J.Crew Factory. Shoes, Gucci.

8/22 (night): Went out to celebrate getting a promotion with my friends! Skirt, Forever 21. Top, SheIn (and one of my most worn, clearly!). Heels, Louboutin.


8/23 (morning): I don’t know why I changed today but I guess I hated my outfit? Shirt, Chaser for Peloton. Jeans, Treasure and Bond. Sandals, Gucci.

8/23 (afternoon): At some point I changed clothes and I DONT KNOW WHY. Tee, Anine Bing. Jeans, Old Navy. Shoes, Gucci.

8/24: Got these pants back from the tailor and then went to dinner in them. Pants, Amazon. Tee, SheIn. Wedges, Prada.


8/25: Wedding shower outfit - it was a taco party so I actually fit in with the decor. Set, Asos. Sandals, Tamara Mellon (FYI!!! get $100 off with my link, super worth it).

8/26: Lazy work outfit. I have definitely worn this before, but this time I added a headband. Top, Elizabeth and Clarke. Jeans, Old Navy. Sneakers, Gucci (wore these OUT this month).

8/27: More pants I just got back from the tailor! I actually changed into this shirt at lunch because I was going to happy hour later and I thought it would look better. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get it right. Shirt, SheIn. Necklace, BaubleBar. Pants, Asos. Heels, Manolo Blahnik.


8/29: Birthday dinner for my dear friend Sandra and a c/o set from SheIn (15% off your order with code Q3ajwears). Sandals by Tamara Mellon again and yes, please use my link for $100 off so we can both get Mellons.

8/30 (day): This might be my new favorite outfit. Mom jeans by Anine Bing. Top, SheIn. Necklace, BaubleBar. Shoes, 1.STATE.

8/30 (night): Went to a work dinner and wore a variation of the outfit I wore earlier this month, just with a breezier pant since we’d be outside. Top, Forever 21. Pants, Asos. Sandals, JustFab.

Things I Wore in July

I wear a lot of things you don't see on the blog. Half of the time I don't have time to take pictures, the other half I'm just too lazy. And no one needs to see EVERYTHING I wear. But occasionally, I will snap an outfit selfie if I'm feeling myself (I've been trying to share them on instastories). Because I'm thirsty for attention and need you to click my affiliate links to make a nickel, here's what I wore in July.

I stalked these pants for at least a month. Stalking pays off, kids, I got them for $20 off and wore them to work as soon as they arrived. Top, Lush via Trunk Club. Pants, Marks & Spencer (similar from Barney's Warehouse). Shoes, c/o JustFab. Bag, JustFab. Glasses, Karen Walker (exact from The Real Real).

Fully obsessed with this jumpsuit from Loft (loft yes loft that loft the one i have four other black jumpsuits from fight me). It's comfy but cute and dresses up and down effortlessly. Jumpsuit, Loft (here's another one but wide leg that I want now). Shoes, c/o JustFab. Bag, Gucci (EXCELLENT dupe from Nordstrom for just $55!).


Now that I walk to work, my chances for chub rub have tripled. I am BRINGING BACK THE SKORT. Yes, this looks like a skirt in the front, but it's full mom shorts in the back. Top, Old Navy (exact). SKORTS, Belk (exact). Shoes, Charleston Shoe Co (exact - I would size up if you're a 1/2 size).

After moving, being homeless, moving in, not getting all of our stuff for four more days, I had been looking like a trash person for a while. The day after moving I was so excited to be reunited with my wardrobe that I gussied up for the occasion. Top, Elizabeth & Clarke (I LOVE this company for work tops, doing a post soon!). Shorts, I Heart Ronson (similar from H&M). Heels, Valentino (look for less from Century 21).

Snagged this skirt from the Zara sale for like, $10. It's honestly a little big and if I lose one pound will likely fall off. Shirt, H&M (almost exact from Uniqlo). Skirt, Zara (exact). Shoes, JustFab. Necklace, BaubleBar.

I saw someone trying on this top from the Zara sale on Instastories and immediately went to the website to get it. One hour and $100 later, I wore it to a beer festival. It's so fun! Like a cupcake! Top, Zara (s/o but here's a sort of similar from XXI). Jeans, Old Navy (exact). Pretzel necklace, Dollar Tree.

I originally planned on wearing a crop top to my friend Amy's housewarming party, but that felt a little too vampy for such a chill event so I switched to this top/shorts set. Yes, it's SEPARATES. I'm obsessed with tops and bottoms that match right now, because you can wear them on their own or put them together to look like a dress or romper! This particular set has a bunch of variations - there are a couple of different top styles, and you can get cropped pants or shorts. Top, Belk (exact). Shorts, Belk (exact). Heels, Stuart Weitzman (exact / similar from Charlotte Russe).

Let me know if you like this format and I'll keep it going! I love sharing my outfits but until I can get another 100,000 of you buying things off my blog I cannot afford to quit all of my jobs to blog full time and actually have the time to take blog photos (insert the crying laughing emoji here). And of course, if you want to see the outfits in real time give me a follow on Instagram at @ajwearsclothes.