AJ Wears :: Festival

I'm not gonna lie, I've never understood the whole "festival" style thing. My first "festival" was Warped Tour circa 2000, where I wore an Eyeliners tshirt and Chuck Taylors, and almost got crushed to death from crowd surfers coming over the barrier when I was on the front row of NOFX (for the record - I was just there because I wanted to be front row for Something Corporate, duh). It was not fussy. It was not flower crowns and wedges and bodysuits. WHO THOUGHT BODYSUITS WERE A GOOD IDEA? You are probably going to the bathroom in a porta-potty. Plan accordingly, ladies. Rompers are not your friend.


That being said, I saw this dress on RTR and thought, "Hey, that's a good outdoor concert dress." And in theory, it was. I felt cute and for the most part, I was comfortable. Sure, it was like 90 outside and maybe sleeves were a little ambitious but in the shade it was fine, and my shoulders let the heat out. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

I'd also like to apologize to the dry cleaners at Rent the Runway. I'm sure you deal with a lot and I did not help you at all with that.


Dress, Free People via Rent the Runway (exact).
Backpack, Longchamp (exact - review coming soon!).
Sandals, Sole Society (similar from Forever 21).

Oh, and also - I'm going to start reviewing my RTR rentals with whether or not I'd buy the pieces. This one? TOTAL buy! It comes in white and red too!

AJ Wears :: A Leather Vest

Did I forget to blog in June?


Honestly, it's been a whirlwind of stuff the past month. We sold our house, packed up everything we own into a 12x9 Pod, and embarked on homelessness for two weeks while we wait to close on our new place. I'm currently in the second week of homelessness, staying in a friend's basement and wearing the same outfit every day.

The outfit you see here is one I managed to salvage from a suitcase and throw together for dinner with friends that were in town from Dallas. The hair isn't so much washed as it was "watered", but I passed for a fairly normal person that night at Sushi Cafe considering that mere hours earlier I was wearing an outfit for the third consecutive day: Gap yoga pants and a "Puppies Make Me Happy" tank top.

We close on Friday. Just a few more days until I live out of boxes instead of a suitcase.

Vest, c/o JustFab (exact - also comes in red!).
Dress, Treasure & Bond via TrunkClub (exact - one of my favorite summer finds! Just trust me and buy it.).
Heels, JustFab (similar).
Bag, Gucci.
Necklace, BaubleBar.

AJ Wears :: Stripes and a Vest

This vest I bought this summer has been my saving grace in this heat. Layers make outfits interesting, and interesting outfits make me happy. My survival rules for summer dressing are as follows:

  1. Let your legs and arms be free. The less fabric you have to deal with, the better.
  2. Sunglasses are your friend, the bigger the better so they'll hide how red your cheeks are. My pick, as always, are the Karen Walker Super Duper Strength in Black.
  3. Embrace your hair's natural texture. It's gonna do what it wants whether you play along or not. I just ordered this humidity shield because Jess & Fran did. I'm a follower.
  4. Breathable. Fabric. Now is not the time to wear heavy, stiff fabrics. Personally, I've found the breezier and shapeless, the better. Bonus points for stretchy.
  5. Liz Earle's Tonic Spritzer. Get to know her. Get to love her. While you're at it, buy Coola's makeup setting spray. Not only does it help your makeup stay put, it's a great way to boost your SPF throughout the day. Both have made me feel remarkably refreshed this summer. 
  6. Use jewelry, it makes you look more dressed up than you are. Sure, I'm wearing an Everlane tee and a maxi skirt, but this necklace from Happiness Boutique dresses EVERYTHING up. It looks like Dylanlex at a fraction of the price (plus they ship for free. boom!).
  7. Finally, make sure your shoes are big enough. I'm sure these shoes will be lovely in the cooler weather, but how my feet started the day and how they finished were two different stories. My feet slowly started to swell around the straps until I had a delightful gladiator print on my feet for about an hour at the end of the night. They're the kind of shoes you don't take off at your desk, because you know you won't be able to get them back on. So, maybe this tip is: throw some flip flops in your bag if you're wearing a snug pair of shoes.


Vest, Forever 21 (exact).
Dress, Asos (exact).
Shoes, Miu Miu, an awesome Poshmark find (exact on eBay).
Bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim.
Necklace, c/o Happiness Boutique (exact).