AJ Wears :: A White Pleated Top / Dress

I’m honestly not sure how Zara intended for anyone to wear this thing. It’s marked as a top on their website, but on my 5’2” frame it’s certainly long enough to be a tunic, if not a full dress. But I do suspect they want you to wear it with pants, since the thing is entirely unlined. It’s certainly the sort of piece you’d want to wear something under - hence my black sports bra + spanx shorts situation here. The entire thing may be destined to become a bathing suit coverup one day.

What’s that? They make these things called slips, in nude and whites even so you CAN’T see what’s going on under my dress? Shhhhh. Never heard of it.


Dress / Top / Whatever: Zara (exact).
Jacket, Old Navy (almost identical).
Bag, Alexander Wang. 
Sneakers, Asos (exact).

AJ Wears :: Stripes + Gray

A couple of things.

1. How is it already MARCH? This year is already flying by. I'm not wishing it away right now, since warmer weather is on the way and you guys know how much I hate that. New plan: Get a job somewhere really north before June. I'm sure my husband is on board.

2. This jacket. I love it. It was bought to replace a tweed moto I loved hard and eventually split down the back, but it's become SO MUCH MORE. It's the perfect light jacket, super comfy thanks to the sweatshirt-like material, and doesn't wrinkle when you wad it up and throw it in your back seat. Bonus: when it got too warm to wear, I tied it around my waist. S'cute.

3. These jeans: They're a new favorite. DSTLD was running a pretty heavy Facebook campaign when my husband saw the ad and decided to buy a pair. He's a JBrand wearer normally, so the idea of buying a pair of jeans for under $100 was definitely appealing. I was so impressed with his that I ordered this super stretchy black pair for myself. The fit is fantastic - still need to get them hemmed, though. So heads up for shorties - I ordered the petite/ankle and they were STILL too long. For me, sizing ran a little small too, but don't trust me on that, because I'm a little heavier than normal right now and they might be tight just because I've eaten too many nachos.

Top, The Limited (similar from XXI).
Jacket, J.Crew Factory (very close! from XXI).
Jeans, DSTLD.
Sneakers, Nike (the latest model).