AJ Wears :: A Tan Blazer

I really enjoy my tan blazer from Banana Republic (last seen here), but it’s really more of a coat and quite warm. So I set out to find a lighter blazer in a similar color for the warmer months. This brand from ASOS has quite a few cute blazers and I LOVE the fact that the sleeves are already ruched. I’ve always preferred 3/4 sleeves or rolling my jackets, and it wasn’t until I saw someone say that long sleeves didn’t feel as feminine that I realized why.

Well, that and being short. I just don’t like stuff hanging around my wrists. I could blame left-handedness as well, since I grew up dragging my sleeves through whatever I was writing.

Anyway, what was I saying? Right. Blazer. Shorts. I wore this to work, as an effort to continue defying all laws of office dress code.


Blazer, Asos (exact, sold out // similar from Kohl’s).
Shorts, Dunno. Penney’s I think but they’re old (similar from Forever 21).
Tee, Chaser for Peloton (similar from Walmart).
Heels, 1.State (exact in a few colors).
Bag, Anine Bing (exact // Inspired strap from XXI // similar from Amazon) .

AJ Wears :: Floral Shorts

Behold, the compliment shorts. No matter where I wear these things, someone stops me to compliment them. I'm not sure why I wear anything else.


Funny story about these shorts, though. They were almost the shorts that weren't. I had to make an exchange with Trunk Club and told my stylist she could toss some other stuff in there for me to check out. It was a particularly busy week so I didn't really get to do a full try-on and blog post, but the morning I was boxing everything up I picked up this bag and said, "Oh, this is a cute print. Are those shorts?" Mr. AJ and I are literally about to walk out the door and I ran to the bedroom to try these on. He was watching me try to shimmy into these shorts saying, "You're never gonna get those on." Which only made me shimmy harder because DARNIT I KNEW THEY'D FIT.

They just needed a little coercion. I was in a hurry, after all, and elastic is a stubborn beast. I took one look in the mirror and said, "Okay, those are cute," before tossing them aside and taking the rest of the trunk down to be picked up. 


Long story longer, they fit, this was a great impulse buy, and I've worn them almost once a week since. They're not super expensive and look way cuter in person than on the website, so I'd give them a try if they have your size (these are the large and I'm a fairly solid 8/10 these days).


Shorts, J.O.A via Trunk Club (exact).
Tee, Everlane.
Shoes, Sole Society (similar from Asos).
Bag, Coach (Edie Style: exact style from this season // second hand // similar for less)

AJ Wears :: A Plaid Peplum

One of the weird things bloggers get to work with are c/o items - care of, for the non-bloggers out there. It's no secret that companies looking for more eyeballs on their website and goods send free clothes to bloggers in hope that it'll help promote their brand - it's cheap, easy advertising. The hard part for bloggers is making those c/o items work in their wardrobe.

So today, I'm making a case for the c/o. It's more than just getting something for free. I like to look at it as an opportunity to review a company for you guys, so you know if it's worth your time or not. Enter today's top from Abadday. It's actually a set - top and shorts - but the entire thing together felt slightly costumey so I split them up.

I actually wore the shorts first - my friends went crazy over them! I also received a number of compliments on my top today, making me feel like I did a good job with choosing. I just wasn't bold enough to wear them together...yet. My overall review of Abaday is a good one, though. They were much quicker with shipping than other Asia-based websites have been, and while the quality was pretty much expected (so-so), the uniqueness of the pieces made up for that.

Top & Shorts, c/o Abadday.
Jeans, Hudson (exact).
Shoes, Zara (similar from JCP).
Earrings, c/o RocksBox (review coming soon!).
Bag, Kate Spade (exact in coral or yellow, similar from Sole Society).