Sometimes I Shop :: August Trunk Club Review

Time for another Trunk Club review! This time, I asked my stylist Jayme to fill a box with some cute stuff to wear on our upcoming vacation. I have a pretty good handle on what I'm going to pack, but since she had sent me a trunk anyway and I have some credit with them, I decided to see what she could come up with. 

If you're new to Trunk Club, it's an at-home personal styling service owned by Nordstrom. You have a direct line to your own personal stylist, so you can call them, chat with them, and even send them your Pinterest boards. If there's something in particular you're looking for (say, a black dress), your stylist can send you several options to try on in the comfort of your own home. Try everything on, keep what you want, and send back the rest! I've found that Trunk Club is HIGHLY more personalized than the other styling services I've used, and I love that they include the more affordable Nordstrom brands like Treasure & Bond and Halogen.

No shoes this time, so it was a cute small box full of dresses, tops, and shorts for my upcoming trip to Paris and Nice. Let's try on!

Knotted Sleeve T-Shirt Dress, PST by Project Social T, $49.

Jayme knows I love black dresses - especially t-shirt dresses, since I've bought at least three from her already. This is a light, summery tee dress with a really cute little cutout detail on the sleeve. It's a little similar to the one I own from Calston, so I passed.

Charmer Slipdress, Sincerely Jules, $129.

Can I say that this legit felt like a nightgown? In a good way - I know a lot of blogger's clothing lines can be hit or miss on quality, but this was very well made and SO soft. It definitely hugs the curves, so I was a little self conscious about how my stomach looked in this one. I'm also not a huge brown fan - if this had been a solid color like black or red, I probably would have kept it.

Lemay Dress, Paige Denim, $238.

This dress was such a pleasant surprise! Honestly, when I pulled it out of the box I thought it was going to be a shapeless bag, but the elastic waist gives it a really cute shape. With the sleeves fully extended, it really didn't do too much for my frame, but I like it with the sleeves pushed up. The fabric is really light and airy as well; I could definitely see myself sipping some rosé by the beach in this dress! It's in my "probably keeping" pile right now.

Aniya Surplice Silk Minidress, $298.

This dress is *so* me. It's another one I'm trying to justify keeping, even though I have 50,000 black dresses. The silk is super soft and the shape is so modern. The fabric - and wrinkles - might be a little annoying to fight on a trip, especially since I'm stuffing everything in a carry on, but this would be a great transition piece into fall. Please talk me out of it. Or don't.

Noelle Tiered Chambray Dress, Rails, $158.

I normally really like Rails clothing, but I'm pretty sure I had this dress as a child. Cute for someone, but hard pass from me.

Syrah Floral Print Cold Shoulder Top, Tularosa, $168.

Fun fact, Tularosa is my Pokemon trainer name on Pokemon Go. ANYWAY, there's a lot going on with this top. I actually liked it a lot, and would 1000% buy if I were attending The University of Texas. It's super soft and the detailing is really pretty, I just knew I wouldn't get as much wear out of it as I'd like since it's a little too shouldery for the office.

Shake It Off Decon Short, BlankNYC, $88.

Jayme has a spiritual gift for finding great shorts. These are truly so comfy and stretchy that I would wear them all the time. The top of my thighs did seem to want to eat them a bit so they might not be the best fit for my body, but I know someone out there would absolutely love them.

Asymmetrical Shift Dress, Leith, $65.

Cuter than I expected! I love the color and it's super light and breezy. Just a little too hung up on those other two dresses to throw this one in the mix too, even though it's a great price.

Keyhole Tank, Lush, $35. Pucker Up Frey Hem Short, BlankNYC, $68.

Loved both of these items, just no room for them in my closet! BlankNYC must just make great shorts, because these were just as comfy as the other pair. I do think these fit my body a little bit better, but I already have black cutoffs so we had to part ways. The keyhole tank was very cute too, but the last thing I need in my closet is another black tank. Great price though - just $35 - plus it comes in five different colors.

Once again, I am continually surprised by what I get in my trunks. While I didn't end up buying as much this time, I really liked a lot of the items even if they weren't what I needed right now. If you want to try Trunk Club out, please consider using my link to join! I will get a small credit to shop with, which means even MORE TC reviews in the future. The service is FREE for Nordstrom card holders, or $25 if you don't have a card. That $25 styling fee will be applied to anything you purchase, so it feels like free money since you've already paid it and the trunk is risk-free.

Sometimes I Shop :: March Trunk Club

It's time for another Trunk Club haul! We're going through a transition period with this trunk. My last stylist appears to have left the company, so I've now been assigned Jayme. The first trunk she sent me was definitely off (I wish I'd taken a screenshot!), so I sent her a few of my favorite Pinterest boards and asked her to take another shot at it.  We have a new relationship, so it's really important to be vocal about what you want from your stylist. I tend to be a bit reserved about these sorts of things, but then I remembered - Hey - it's her job to find stuff that I want! No sense in taking a trunk that leaned a little too boho for me just to avoid hurt feelings! My second trunk from Jayme was much better, so here's what she sent me. Sign up to try Trunk Club here.

So a quick refresher - It's $25 to get a trunk, but that money goes towards any purchases you make. If you're a Nordstrom cardholder and use your Nordies card, it's FREE! In this trunk I got one pair of shorts, overalls, one dress, three tops, and three pairs of shoes.

I had been curious about these infamous Rag & Bone booties, but they were too hard to get on and just a little pricey, especially since we're going into spring now. Pass.

This top from Bobeau is SUPER soft! I just checked the website and it comes in several colors and is only $42. I ended up passing because I wasn't crazy about the oatmeal color, and I knew that I'd end up wearing it around the house as loungewear more than anything else, but I'd consider it in a different shade.

SO CUTE RIGHT? These were too small for me - and only come in S/M/L instead of number sizing. As much as I love my Rag & Bone full length overalls, $300 seemed too pricey for such a seasonal item.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I hated both of these tops. I'm not surprised they were included, since it's basically all you can find right now (I hate them too, Jezebel), but these are both a big ole nope. 

It's not all doom and gloom though, because I absolutely ADORE this dress. It's the softest jersey fabric that actually feels nice and thick, with POCKETS. I've already dressed it up with heels and a statement necklace, and dressed it down with sneakers and a denim jacket. Keep keep keep! It also helps that it was super affordable. I haven't worn Calson's stuff before, but I'm keeping it on my radar after this dress.

Another unexpected keeper was this pair of gorgeous Steve Madden heels! They've got a decidedly Aquazurra vibe (for a lot less) and are super comfortable. They also look adorable with the black dress above. They're going to get a lot of mileage in this spring and summer. They come in four colors!

I passed on these Alice + Olivia shorts, mostly because I have a pair from The Limited that looks almost identical. They're very cute and well made, though. I wish she'd sent me this jazzy pair instead!


Finally, in my eternal quest to be as basic as possible, I had to keep these Adidas Superstars. This will now be my third pair of non-athletic Adidas and I am apologizing for NOTHING because they're comfy af and look super cute with almost everything. These run a little large, but Jayme made it really easy to exchange them for a smaller size.

All in all, it was a pretty decent first trunk with Jayme. Trunk Club remains one of my favorite ways to shop for new things I might not have seen otherwise, and I'll continue to review them here if you guys are interested. If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can sign up here.

Want to see what I got in some other Trunks? I blogged the last two as well.

Sometimes I Shop :: Amazon Designer Dupes

As much as I adore my designer pieces, I remember the days when I used to search for hours for dupes of high dollar items I saw on bloggers. I remember finding a studded satchel similar to the Alexander Wang I saw on Fashion Toast that I carried proudly for years until I could afford to replace it with the real deal.

While browsing Amazon the other day, I found a TON of inspired pieces that I thought might bring you joy if the real deal breaks the bank. I've also worn or carried dupes before that I spend $20-40 on just to see if I liked the style, and later upgraded to the real deal.

Yep, if you've been crushing on the Rockstud pumps, Amazon has both the heels and flats by Kaitlyn Pan for around $100 a pop. They come in almost every color you could want - and the reviews all rave that they're almost as gorgeous as the real deal.

So what's the difference in a dupe and a fake? Well, it is a fine line, and this bag definitely toes the line closely. The biggest difference is the name - this Amazon dupe doesn't try to pass itself off as "Chloe" even though it looks nearly identical. I LOVE the Chloe Faye, so I'm seriously considering trying the Amazon version!

This one almost ventures into fake territory for me, especially since Balenciaga doesn't put any branding on their bags. But, I love my BBag and it's such a cool style that is so hard to find "similar" styles for, so this Amazon version is an absolute ringer for someone who loves the moto style.

Remember my beloved Rocco satchel from earlier in this post? I would have JUMPED at the chance to grab this dupe from Amazon back in the day! It comes in a couple of colors and I love that it has those amazing studs on the bottom.

Ah, Carrie Bradshaw's gorgeous Manolo Blahniks from the SATC movie. If you've always been in love with these bright blue wedding shoes, they can be yours for under $50! They're also available in black, pink, and yellow if that's more your thing.

Anyone shopping some good dupes lately? Let me know if you order any of these and how they look!