AJ Wears :: A Striped Skirt

These are my confessions.

I wore this entire outfit on Easter Sunday, and then I wore it again the Monday after because there would be no overlap of seeing the same people.
Sometimes, I'll go to the fridge to refill my water and I'll grab a piece of cheese and eat it. Not slice it off the block, I'll just take a bite right out of the block like a heathen.
I haven't washed my hair in...well, actually, I can't remember. Clean hair is for suckers.
Most mornings I actually pull myself together in 15 minutes, because I like to stay in bed until the LAST. POSSIBLE. SECOND. 8:45 am? Challenge accepted!
This outfit is wrinkled because I sat at a desk all day. The tassel on my purse is wonky because I was in a hurry to meet my friends for happy hour and didn't really review my photos. I also took zero photos looking at the camera. Why? MYSTERY. Nah, I probably just wanted to show off that I finally have enough hair to make a halfway decent bun.

My final confession? I fell asleep during Monday night's basketball game. The only thing I remember is the Little Caesar's commercial that came on after. Bite bite! Sip sip! You know the one.

Skirt (today's top ten piece): Kate Spade Saturday (similar from The Real Real, cute stripe option from Romwe, another one from ChicNova).
Shirt, Forever 21 (exact - awesome deal!).
Sweater, The Limited (similar from BooHoo).
Flats, Mango (similar from XXI).
Bag, Gucci (similar for less).
Glasses, Prada (similar for less).

What to Wear :: Amusement Park Day Trip

Okay, let's be honest here. Amusement parks are not exactly the height of fashion. I remember going to Six Flags almost every week when I lived in Dallas growing up, and the standard outfit was cut-offs + bikini top + tank top. I still think it's easy to look cute and be comfortable for a day of roller coaster riding! We went to Magic Springs in Hot Springs a few weekends ago for my husband's birthday and this is what I wore:

Sneakers (with grandma slipper socks for maximum comfort + sweat protection) perfect for walking around all day. There are so many cute sneaker options right now that this is actually the easy part!

A little bit of bling always makes an outfit look put together. It's a fact.

I didn't have my sweet backpack yet, so this freebie pack would have to do. It was ideal for toting sunscreen, sunglasses, a GoPro, and bottles of water. I even threw a swimsuit and flipflops in there just in case I wanted to partake in the water rides (I did not).

The last time I went to an amusement park, it was a little cooler. Hopefully this gives you a few ideas on what to wear for your next day trip! A breezy tank is perfect for hot days, shorts in a dark color are a must - you never know what you'll sit on! Sneakers for lots of walking, a backpack for toting your goods, and finish the look with fun accessories to feel slightly put together! I went with a fun necklace and a hair bow.

Tank, KS Saturday (s/o, exact in different shape, same shape in solids)
Shorts, The Limited (s/o, exact in other colors, similar from LOFT).
Sneakers, Kate Spade for Keds (exact).
Necklace, House of Harlow c/o RocksBox.
Backpack, LOL

AJ Wears :: Some Stripes

The most exciting thing about today's outfit is that I could take off my shirt and turn it inside out and have an exactly the same but slightly different outfit. That's right, folks - the shirt is REVERSIBLE. The other side is still striped, but they're smaller, so it's pretty much like a completely different shirt. It'll be a nice piece to have when I travel, although I wish they'd gone slightly more bold and tried a floral or something on the other side. Either way, it'll be a fun party trick to go and reverse my shirt in the bathroom when I'm out and see if anyone notices.

Side note - I used to have a reversible dress that was stripes on one side, and floral on the other. I would go to the bathroom and reverse it and people would be like WHOA DID YOU CHANGE??? It never got old.


Top, Kate Spade Saturday (exact - it was a little shorter than I expected, so possibly size up).
Jeans, Forever 21 (similar).
Bag, Barbara Bui (similar).
Sneakers, Topshop (exact).
Necklace, BaubleBar (exact).