Things I Own You Can Get On Cyber Monday

Oh no, not another hashtag Cyber Monday post, amirite? 

It's not. Don't worry. 

Instead of boring you with a slew of affiliate links to stuff Nordstrom sells for only $2 more the rest of the year, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things that are on sale today that you may not see other places. I love recommending things. In fact, it might be the 6th love language - unsolicited advice. It's why I'm in so many Facebook groups, because there's always some clueless girl that needs my help!

Charleston Shoe Co: All Shoes $99

Left: The Monterey. Right: Benjamin

Left: The Monterey. Right: Benjamin

My beloved Monterey Sandals from Charleston Shoe Company took me all over Paris and Nice this summer! They're made of super cushy soles, and the stretchy material makes them near blister-proof. The Monterey is always $100 though, so a buck off isn't exactly something to write home about. However! If the clunky, fashion-forward sandal deemed "cool" by the knuckleheads over at NYMag isn't your thing, they have a huge selection of other styles that are usually much more expensive - and rarely on sale. I recommend the Easton, Seabrook, or the Tybee!

And yes, they're total grandma shoes and yes, they're comfy as all get out so I don't care.

Puppies Make Me Happy: 30% OFF


I can't take credit for this one. My friend Kristie snapped herself at the gym wearing this shirt and I've been obsessed ever since. Not only are their tanks SUPER soft, there's something for everyone. I couldn't find any photos of me in one since I mostly just wear them to work out or lounge in, but I'm probably going to snag the "Pet All The Dogs" sweatshirt today. Use code VIRTUALPUPPIES.

Fur & Collar: 20% off $40


And speaking of puppies, Fur & Collar has expanded its wares beyond breed tees and into socks, totes, mugs and more! They're doing 20% off orders over $40 today with code CYBERMONDAY2017. The tees are super soft and make great gifts for dog lovers! 

Olaplex: Free Shipping

Okay, this deal is lame but I swear by Olaplex No. 3 Hair Protector for anyone who does chemical or heat damage to their hair. Code CYBERMONDAY. They almost never run sales so something is better than nothing.

Kylie Cosmetics: 30% Off


You know I love my Kylie Lip Kits! 30% off isn't the best sale she's done (I really love the BOGO ones tbh) but it's a good time to snag some for you or someone you love.

Betabrand: Up to 60% Off

Betabrand's sale is AMAZING if you've been wondering about them! I personally own the Red Eye hoodie and love it for travel. I'm planning on snagging some of the yoga dress pants! If you're unfamiliar, Betabrand is sort of a crowd-sourced clothing company, with heavy focus on comfortable travel and work clothes. It's a good chance to try something from the brand for a way, way lower price.

eBags: Up to 75% Off Doorbusters


I've been a huge eBags fan since I ordered their Packing Cubes a few years ago, and they're having a great sale today! I use the Professional Slim Jr Backpack for work - it's super slick looking and can hold my laptop, iPad, headphones,'s a great little bag for travel and work and on sale for only $62! I think I paid like $90. I recommend the classic packing cubes and the pack-it-flat toiletry kit for jet-setters.

Elizabeth & Clarke: 30-50% Off


You've probably seen a LOT of Elizabeth & Clarke in my "What I Wore" monthly posts, and it's because their stuff is AWESOME. It's perfect for the working woman who also occasionally spills stuff all over herself. Pieces from Their Archive section (past selections) are 50% off today - including the Unstainable collection! I recommend The Davis, The Charles, and The Arden - they're some of my favorites and most worn (pictured in that order above).

What Cyber Monday deals have you scooped up today?

What's in my cart :: Shopbop F&F Sale

It feels like I was just writing about an awesome Shopbop sale, right? Well, lucky you, they're having their annual Friends & Family sale starting today! Now through April 10th, you can take 25% off every purchase with the code SPRING25. Here's what I've got my eye on:

I already own the black pair of Karen Walker Super Duper Strength sunglasses, and was just flipping through my photos the other day and realized how great they look on almost everyone. I've got the crazy tortoise in my cart, which would be a little over $200 after the discount. These sunglasses hold their value pretty well too, so you can expect to get at least half what you paid on an app like Poshmark or Bib+Tuck. Are they worth it? Absolutely. These things are heavy-duty and super fun to wear.

I also have a pair of Chucks in my cart right now. I have had my black pair of Converse since probably 7th grade (and they show it), so I'm thinking about getting a crisp white pair for summer. They have some super cute prints that would be fun too.

Of course, there's no minimum spend on this sale, so it's a great chance to pick up some new swimwear for your next vacation or a new watch for your work-week wardrobe (I'm loving every one of them by Kate Spade!).

What's in your cart for this sale?

This post is sponsored by the amazing powers that be at I only feature items I'd buy myself, because my opinions are awesome.

What's in my cart :: Shopbop Sale Edition

AND THE INTERNET REJOICES...It's a Shopbop sale! You'll likely hear this from many sources today, because they have some killer marketing and many loyal fans. Personally, I bought my first high designer bag from Shopbop during this very sale! If you've been looking at the Rocco, today is a great day to invest. Spend $250, get 15% off. Spend $500, get 20% off. Spend $1000, get 25%! The sale starts today and runs through March 8th (4AM ET).

Anyway, I have a little credit with them and I'm trying to figure out what to spend it on. I've rounded up my favorites from my "hearts" to show you!

Clare V., Kate Spade New York, and Monserat De Lucca.

Clare V., Kate Spade New York, and Monserat De Lucca.

I've been wanting a funky clutch for my nights out lately, and these three really caught my eye. Something fun, something funky, and something classic. Shopbop has a ton of clutches with and without straps.

Kate Spade, Giuseppe Zanotti, Diane von Furstenberg.

Kate Spade, Giuseppe Zanotti, Diane von Furstenberg.

I'm always looking to add classic pumps to my closet, and here we have a pop of color, a classic black, and a fun pink pair that say "Love" on the toe. I love extra little details like that! These would all be great for work, but make sure you flip through all of the pumps, because there are some great funky going-out heels as well.

I've recently discovered the joy of wearing jewelry that doesn't turn my fingers green. I've spent a little more on nicer pieces and they're just more enjoyable to wear, and my hands don't look like the swamp thing at the end of the night. This is a great sale to expand your ring sets, because they can help you get your order over to that next discount. When I ordered my Alexander Wang bag, I added a small ring to the order to get it over $1000 so I could get the full 25% off! It ended up being cheaper for me to add a ring than it would have been to just settle for the 20%, so take a look at the rings when you're looking for that extra push.

This post is a collaboration with Shopbop. They give me store credit to gush about their stuff, but I'd do that anyway because I was definitely a bop-aholic before we started working together. I just love a store that understands my need for pretty things, don't you?