AJ Wears :: Festival

I'm not gonna lie, I've never understood the whole "festival" style thing. My first "festival" was Warped Tour circa 2000, where I wore an Eyeliners tshirt and Chuck Taylors, and almost got crushed to death from crowd surfers coming over the barrier when I was on the front row of NOFX (for the record - I was just there because I wanted to be front row for Something Corporate, duh). It was not fussy. It was not flower crowns and wedges and bodysuits. WHO THOUGHT BODYSUITS WERE A GOOD IDEA? You are probably going to the bathroom in a porta-potty. Plan accordingly, ladies. Rompers are not your friend.


That being said, I saw this dress on RTR and thought, "Hey, that's a good outdoor concert dress." And in theory, it was. I felt cute and for the most part, I was comfortable. Sure, it was like 90 outside and maybe sleeves were a little ambitious but in the shade it was fine, and my shoulders let the heat out. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

I'd also like to apologize to the dry cleaners at Rent the Runway. I'm sure you deal with a lot and I did not help you at all with that.


Dress, Free People via Rent the Runway (exact).
Backpack, Longchamp (exact - review coming soon!).
Sandals, Sole Society (similar from Forever 21).

Oh, and also - I'm going to start reviewing my RTR rentals with whether or not I'd buy the pieces. This one? TOTAL buy! It comes in white and red too!

AJ Wears :: A Grid Print Jumpsuit

Hello, it's hot outside now. Which means I face a daily struggle getting dressed for work. I want to look cute, but I don't want anything to touch my body. Okay, what I *really* want is to stay home and work in my pajamas, let's be real. 

Honestly, I should be utilizing services like Rent the Runway more often during the summer. They did a "Rent One, Get Two Free" (ROGTF? There's no ring to that) special recently so I rented a dress, skirt, and this jumpsuit for a few summery outfits. Because when you feel like wearing nothing, you might as well wear something completely the opposite.


Jumpsuit, J.O.A. via Rent the Runway.
Bag, Balenciaga via Poshmark.
Shoes, Christian Louboutin (similar from Lord + Taylor). 

AJ Wears :: A Little Red Dress

This weekend, I turned 34. Like, whoa. 34 sounds like the kind of age I would have thought was an "adult" when I was a kid.


While I participate fully in adulting-type things like paying a mortgage (and POA, bless it), going to a 9-to-5, voting, or remembering to get your oil changed every so often, I don't really *feel* very adulty sometimes. I still play video games most days of the week. I love - and have bought in the past year - stuffed animals. I have a really hard time turning down chicken nuggets in favor of a salad. 


(Shout out to Sephora for this killer makeup for my birthday dinner, FYI)


I like all of the fun stuff you get to do as an adult, though. I love staying up as late as I want, despite my body begging me to give in (and complaining loudly about it the next day). It's nice to have my own money to blow on stupid things like a Furby or eye masks that look like cucumbers. I really enjoy entertaining friends in our home, spending late nights by the pool laughing, and exploring the globe. 

Every year, my friends and I go out for my birthday. We sit around a table in one of my favorite restaurants, we drink good wine and laugh about stupid things. A lot has changed in my 33rd year, some things I would change, others I wouldn't dare. Some really great, some really terrible. What I can say without hesitation is - even if 34 still feels like I'm waiting to grow up sometimes - my 30s have been some of the best years of my life so far. So cheers to you, 34. 

Dress, Bec & Bridge via Rent the Runway.
Shoes, Stuart Weitzman (exact).
Earrings, Stella & Dot.
Makeup: Eye shadow, Anastasia BH Soft Glam, Lashes, Lilly x Sephora.