AJ Wears :: A printed cardigan

It was like 40 degrees today. What? Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan. But the rain that came along with it wasn't my fave, particularly because I wasn't wearing my rain boots. No, I wore them yesterday and didn't need them, so I opted to go without today and it poured most of the morning and afternoon. It's a written rule that it will only rain when you leave your boots at home.

At least I had a bright cardigan and jacket to keep my spirits high. And cheese crackers. Those helped too.

Don't forget about Ladies Night Out at The Promenade tonight! See y'all there.

Cardigan, Forever 21 (cute option in blue).
Blouse, Bardot (similar from JCP).
Jeans, Hudson (exact - Storm).
Jacket, The Limited (similar).
Flats, Zara (similar from Amazon).
Bag, JustFab.

30x7 :: Plaid Skirt + Sweater

I always like to include a couple of wildcard pieces in my 30x30 remix, and this skirt is definitely going to be one of them. It's a color and a print, making it a little more difficult to match everything - but it's also a favorite, and I love it, and I would wear it with a plastic bag if that's all I had. So you might not see it the MOST often, but you're gonna see it at least a few times during this challenge.


After taking photos with and without my coat, I draped it over my shoulders to try the whole "coat as a cape" thing and while it still doesn't make that much sense, I was definitely warmer than with no coat at all. So, let's give our fellow bloggers a break and let them wear their coats however they want. I plan on putting my legs in my coat tomorrow and wearing it as pants. REMIX!

Skirt, Forever 21 (cute similar from XXI).
Sweater, The Limited (similar from Limited).
Boots, Hunter (exact on sale for 6s and 9s!).
Coat, Gap (very similar from JCP).

AJ (re)Wears :: A black turtleneck

Ah, the turtleneck. Uniform of both mimes and moms everywhere (and this weird guy). Whether they make you want to bust into a rap or put on a vampire puppet show, I maintain the turtleneck to be a cold weather staple that can totally be Audrey chic. Plus, like, they keep your neck warm.


Thus, we begin week four of Take One, Pass it on. Here's how I wore the turtleneck yesterday. It's a solid basic for any closet, as long as you aren't claustrophobic in your neck area.


Turtleneck, The Limited (this years version).
Vest, The Limited (similar from Chicos, Anthro).
Skirt, Charlotte Russe (similar from XXI).
Coat, Forever 21.
Socks, Target.
Boots, Hunter (exact).
Necklace, BaubleBar.