AJ Wears :: Socks with Heels

When I go in on something, you guys know I go ALL IN, right? I couldn’t buy just one pair of fancy socks to try the socks and heels thing. I had to order 10 different pairs from Amazon so we could do a trial and error run before finding the perfect combination. This was simply the first effort.

Mr. AJ didn’t get it and made fun of me (standard). The guy at the coffee shop said he was digging the look. A couple of people work called them “cute”. I think next time I’ll try an open toe heel or a pair of slides, but I love the idea of cutesy socks with fancy shoes! It’s not like they’re actually keeping our feet warm or anything, but I’m pretending that socks + non-sock shoes is like winterizing them.

What I’m saying is, stay tuned for more socks outfits…whether you like it or not.


Side note: I can see people posing for photos all the time on this parking deck from my house, and I like to spy on them with binoculars. Now I’m the one casually posing during my lunch hour like a doofus, but I’m not up there to make fun of myself.

I would have definitely made fun of me during the next photo.


So casual. So normal. I am actually laughing at myself since it was just me and a self-timer, but I don’t know at what. The wind? The fact that I can’t put on a coat properly? Because I feel like an idiot? Likely all of the above.

Coat, Banana Republic (similar from ASOS).
Top, Express (exact camisole).
Skirt, The Limited (similar from SheIn).
Socks, Forever 21 (exact).
Heels, ShoeDazzle (similar from Forever 21).
Bag, Alexander Wang.

AJ Wears :: Maroon Pants

I've been on the hunt for a pair of red pants in a cranberry or oxblood.

These are not those pants. The Limited is calling them "red," but I find they skew much more purple-ish, like a deep mauve. I made the same mistake with a pair of pants from J.Crew a month or so ago, so now I have TWO pairs of pants in this dreamy color. I don't mind the mistake, though;  When I saw this pair hanging next to this camisole, I immediately envisioned them like this:

Also, lets talk about the fact that they have pockets, but they ZIP. UP. That way, you can use them if you like or zip them up and avoid the dreaded pocket hips. I'm a fan.

Pants, The Limited (exact).
Camisole, The Limited (can't find online - recent in stores).
Blazer, J.Crew (similar from Factory).
Shoes, Forever 21 (similar from F21).
Bag, Coach via Poshmark (found an exact on Amazon! Get it!)

AJ Wears :: A Purple Blouse

Sometimes I experience the most déjà vu feelings while blogging. While I'm constantly impressed by the girls (with seemingly endless closets) who manage to look different every day, I sometimes discover I've unintentionally worn the exact same thing, only different. As I was editing today's photos, I had a sudden fear that I'd already worn this outfit on the blog before.

Well, I have. Kind of. Different shirt, different shoes, but exactly the same concept. I would say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it..." but perhaps it's time to come up with a few more outfit combinations.

Blouse, Old Navy (similar from Nordstrom).
Jacket, Treasure & Bond (similar at Lulu's).
Jeans, Hudson (exact).
Necklace, The Limited (similar at ASOS).
Heels, Kate Spade via @cleanupcloset (similar from DSW).
Bag, Alexander Wang.