Love, Lust, Must for Valentine's Day

The whole "Valentine's Day Gift Guide" thing has always bewildered me a bit. Do we REALLY think our boyfriends and husbands are reading our favorite blogs for gift ideas? Probably not, Which is why I teamed up with The Promenade at Chenal this year to give a list of things you'll love, lust, and must have for your big V-Day date. This one is for you, ladies. Soak it up. Treat yo self. Pamper time. All of the things.

True love lasts a lifetime. This kind of love is usually reserved for our lovers, dogs and diamonds, but I found a few things that would help you get date ready in a flash this year.

Hello, lover. It's a fact - Ted Baker makes pretty things. Pick up this manicure set at Lily Rain to get your toes and hands in order for the big day. And yes, you've gotta get it together. What if you get engaged? You can't have sloppy hands and show off a ring on Instagram. Bonus: ROSE GOLD TOOLS. I had to keep myself from buying every set and hoarding them.

New lippies are an excellent way to mix up your Valentine's look if you don't want to commit to a full face of new makeup, and I have been loving Smashbox's lipstick after my sister gifted me a gorgeous red for Christmas. Belle & Blush is my favorite place to go buy new lipstick, hands down, so drop in there and get them to set you up with a new romantic shad.

SO what qualifies as a lust? Anything you probably don't need but like, really need. I actually have a hard time differentiating a want and a need but hey, YOLO.

This is a lust that's JUST. FOR. YOU. Belle & Blush has the most ridiculously gorgeous necklaces made out of vintage Louis Vuitton locks and keys and I'm 1000% obsessed. Please don't go buy the black and white one.  I need it. *tags husband in post*

THIS lust is for you AND your booskie. Ever heard of mood lighting? I bought the Hue light set for my husband for his birthday and we have loved using them for everything from movie lighting (dim and blue) to setting up spin studio-worthy lighting for a workout. Install a few and dim the lights, turn the whole room red, use an app to turn it into a blinking rainbow disco and have a dance party. You can pick all sorts of variations of the Hue lights at the Apple Store!

What's a MUST? I'd say it's anything you've gotta have for the big night! I found a few musts at The Promenade last week that I think you'll agree are necessary.

Must for me? Something I can hang out in all night. Don't get me wrong, I have many "Car to Restaurant" shoes that are only appropriate to wobble in and out again, but if you're planning on dancing the night away or walking along the river in the moonlight, grab some sparkly flats to ease the pain. Thanks to super cute flat designs lately, you can find a sparkly pair like this that you won't even mind swapping your heels for. Check them out at Lily Rain in two colors.

Pretty underthings are a must for any day, as far as I'm concerned. I always feel more confident, fabulous and fierce when I've got a little something going on under my clothes that no one else knows about. Altar'd State has a ton of pretty little things to invest in. Not convinced? These are so pretty, you can even let them peek out of the front of a blouse or the back of a tank.

And of course, after you've gotten yourself all dolled up, the restaurants at The Promenade have their V-Day specials all lined up.

Bravo! Cucina Italiana has a prix fixe menu for Valentine's Day that includes soup or salad, entree, and dessert (see the menu here). Or if you like what you see up there, their "Fall in Love" promo includes soup or salad with grilled chicken picatta, shrimp scampi, or baked chicken parmesan for only $10.99. Mmmmmm.

For lovers of craft cocktails and decadent desserts, make reservations at Del Frisco's Grille for your romantic evening! They've created a special Cupid's Cocktail with Raspberry Stoli, pomegranate and sparkling wine, along with a special Valentine's dessert: Triple Chocolate Decadence. For most of you, that's all you need to know.

What are your love, lust, and must items for this year? What do you have to have to get Valentine's day ready? Have a happy one!

This post is sponsored by The Promenade at Chenal, where I spend all of the money they pay me to promote the Promenade at Chenal. So you should to!

This post is sponsored by The Promenade at Chenal, where I spend all of the money they pay me to promote the Promenade at Chenal. So you should to!

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This post is sponsored by The Promenade at Chenal.