AJ Wears :: Culotte Overalls

What happens when you combine two ridiculous things into one amazingly ridiculous thing? This outfit. Culottes + Overalls is a combination I had no idea I would be so into until JustFab sent me these schnazzy things. I planned my outfit for the next day, bebopped to work and...got rained on the whole walk home. That's why I'm taking today's outfit photos standing in my dining room instead of in a more hip blogger spot - because the world needed to see another grown woman in *essentially* a playsuit and I refused to deny them this.

Overalls, c/o JustFab.
Top, Lush via Trunk Club (exact - on sale for $15 in three colors!).
Shoes, JustFab (I mean these are kind of similar-ish).
Bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim (similar from Target).

AJ Wears :: An off-the-shoulder top (to work!)

Can you wear an off-the-shoulder top to the office? AJ Wears Clothes investigates.

After happening upon this article from Vogue last year tackling the issue with some hard-hitting journalism, I was intrigued to find out on my own. Of course, they said it was okay to wear them if:

  1. You work at Vogue (cue MAJOR eye roll)
  2. You work in a creative, casual environment
  3. You balance your sexy, tantalizing shoulders with more conservative pieces.

These rules were followed by a barrage of some of the FUGLIEST outfits I have ever seen. No, not just outfits. Pieces. In what office, nay, WORLD would you wear that dress? The top is okay, but are you suggesting I layer it over (or worse, under?) the dress to make it office appropriate? And who is tall enough to pull off that hemline with ugly loafers?

Screenshot 2017-05-10 13.32.41.png

I am fortunate enough to work in a pretty casual office. I see someone wearing a company t-shirt and jeans nearly every day, and I suspect the shorts and flip flops will be pulled out as soon as temps rise above 90. Honestly, I always feel a little over dressed around there in general, so why not use it as an excuse to experiment? 

So bright and early (read: 10am) yesterday morning, I bared all (read: shoulders) at work. The results may surprise you...

...or not. Honestly, shoulders are about the least offensive body part you can show. I played hard and fast by the Vogue rules and made sure to wear pants, and I even fashioned a makeshift strap by wearing overalls. WOULD I BE FIRED? WOULD PEOPLE STARE? AM I A HARLOT???

Honestly, they should've been more offended by the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra, but that's another post for another day.

No one even blinked an eye. There were no murmurs behind my back, HR didn't call me out, and my shoulders could finally breathe freely, often oppressed by those terrible, sweaty arm prisons called sleeves. So can you bare your shoulders at work? For this girl, it's a yes.

Top, JustFab.
Overalls, STS Blue (similar from Asos).
Heels, Stuart Weitzman (exact // similar for less).
Bag, Gucci (similar from Asos).

AJ Wears :: Lots of Stripes

You know when you see a pair of shoes and they make you actually gasp? That's what happened when I saw this mixed pattern pair on JustFab's Instagram. Florals mixed perfectly with stripes? OKAY. If you suck at mixing patterns, the easiest way is to let someone else do it for you.

Then when you hit level expert, you double up on your stripes.

Coat, c/o SheIn (exact).
Overalls, Current/Elliott (similar).
Shirt, The Limited (exact).
Sandals, c/o JustFab (sold out, but these are a cute similar-ish).

PS - Sale alert! Shopbop's infamous spring sale is here. It's a great sale to make a larger purchase that you've been mulling over, especially since the discount goes up as you spend more.

My picks? A classic DVF wrap dress is a great choice. I love mine, and in simple black it's one of the few pieces you can actually dress up or down. The Alexander Wang Mini Rockie (I'm saving my pennies for a gray one!), because it's adorable and studded and the perfect small bag. And of course...SUNGLASSES. You can snag the Prada pair I'm wearing in these photos for 20% off.

Go forth and add - just use code BIGEVENT16 at checkout.