AJ Wears :: A White Pleated Top / Dress

I’m honestly not sure how Zara intended for anyone to wear this thing. It’s marked as a top on their website, but on my 5’2” frame it’s certainly long enough to be a tunic, if not a full dress. But I do suspect they want you to wear it with pants, since the thing is entirely unlined. It’s certainly the sort of piece you’d want to wear something under - hence my black sports bra + spanx shorts situation here. The entire thing may be destined to become a bathing suit coverup one day.

What’s that? They make these things called slips, in nude and whites even so you CAN’T see what’s going on under my dress? Shhhhh. Never heard of it.


Dress / Top / Whatever: Zara (exact).
Jacket, Old Navy (almost identical).
Bag, Alexander Wang. 
Sneakers, Asos (exact).

AJ Wears :: A Plaid Blazer

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had a proper blog post, hasn’t it? I can’t say that this is even proper, since we snapped these photos on my iPhone after voting on Tuesday, but SheIn sent me this jacket and I was feeling hella cute, so it seemed like the perfect time to feature an actual outfit on the blog.

I do hope you guys have been enjoying the “Things I Wore” posts as well. I know it’s lazy, but I’m choosing to call it “authentic” instead.


Blazer, c/o SheIn (exact).
Sweater, VINTAGE Gap (similar-ish from XXI).
Blouse, Elizabeth & Clarke (exact - it’s my favorite).
Jeans, Old Navy (exact).
Boots, Kendall & Kylie (exact, feel free to judge based on who made them but these are fierce).
Bag, Gucci (exact // similar from Asos).

Things I Wore :: September 2018

Now that October is basically over, what better time to recap everything I wore in September?

It was a rough month, weather-wise. It was hot and I get cranky when it’s hot this close to fall, so my parade of cheap SheIn tops continued for the first half of the month. I also made a pretty large Old Navy order with some transitional dresses. I’ve slowly been getting back into dresses. Why did I ever stop?


9/1: Birthday party for my dear friend Sandra + a little touch of Razorback flair.

9/2: Sunday Funday bike ride to Diamond Bear for beer and pretzels. This skort ended up working fairly well for biking! I wanted to look cute but not chafe my thighs, so I loaded up on Lush Rump too.

9/3: Labor Day. I guess we went to the pool or something because I did not log an outfit that day.

9/4: SheIn is mostly hit or miss but I LOVE this top. Super easy to throw on and go while still looking put together.


9/5: No idea what I wore to work today (maybe I worked from home?) but we had tickets to go watch the Arkansas Travelers play and I decided to show my love for Otey the Swamp Possum, one of the most horrifying team mascots ever to exist.

9/6: I let Alexa decide what top to wear with these overalls and she picked this one from SheIn.

9/7: It actually cooled off thanks to some rain. This wrap sweater from Leith is so soft and comfy, and I’m really into green this season.

9/8: Went to my friend Maegan’s house (check out her blog Southern Blondie) to watch Arkansas lose football. It rained all night. Actually, these rubber Chelsea boots from JustFab got a LOT of wear this month.


9/9: Since it rained its face off the day before, the Main Street Food Truck Festival was moved to Sunday. The rain did make it a little cooler (70s! Hurrah!) so I could wear pants! I had some tacos and then we went and sat on the patio at Live Life Chill.

9/10-11: Did I not go to work on Monday? Why is there no photo? Tuesday was crazy with freelance stuff so I’m assuming I wore leggings all day.

9/12: There’s that cute dress from ShoeDazzle again, and this comfy little jacket from Old Navy (this year’s version is sueded!). We were hosting a fundraiser for a local candidate so I dressed up a little and drank wine for democracy.

9/13: A dramatic SheIn top for work, followed by a birthday dinner for my friend Amy at Cantina Cinco de Mayo. It’s our favorite cheap Mexican place and I’m thrilled they moved in downtown.


9/14-17: Wedding in Cincinnati. I didn’t really keep track of my outfits except for what I wore to the wedding, this gorgeous maxi from Luv Boutique and a fun crop from Everlane with a dramatic back. I may do a short blog on what we did in Cincinnati (mostly beer tourism).


9/18: My Old Navy packages are starting to roll in (four in all for one order, get it together guys) so I have some cute new stuff to wear! It’s cool enough for a dress with sleeves but I need to keep my legs out. This dress is a new favorite.

9/19: Work and getting my roots done! It’s hard to tell but this dress is a deep green. This was pre-hair.

9/20: I had a committee meeting at Heifer International at lunch today, which I like to dress nice for. Plus fresh hair, duh. Another comfy-but-cute Old Navy dress! They’re killing it at basics right now.


9/21: A weird SheIn top with some shorty shorts since it’s super hot again. My dad was in a show so we drove home to Texas after work.

9/22-23: No photos because I’m in Texas but I basically just wore all of my Old Navy dresses and it rained all weekend. But the show was great! And I got all of my favorite foods!

9/24: This dress is the comfiest thing I own. It’s soft and slouchy and I bought it in both gray and red.

9/25: The heat is back. I had lunch with Maegan today and ran all over town for errands and work.

9/27: Guess I worked from home on Wednesday? The weather roller coasters once again and I finally get to wear my new Spanx leggings. I love them so much, I replaced my old ones this year during the NSale (and picked up the Moto ones!).


9/28 (day): A super cute SheIn top for work. I’ve been waiting for it to cool off so I could wear it!

9/28 (night): We won a silent auction recently for dinner at the 1836 Club, a membership only restaurant and club. It’s in this gorgeous old house I’ve always wanted to go in, and we got to spend the evening with some dear friends drinking great wine and trying some amazing food. I opted for this dramatic cape jumpsuit c/o SheIn, which made me feel like a sexy witch.

9/29: And it’s hot again. We did it ALL on this Saturday. Pizza and college football watching at Gusano’s, Oktoberfest at Rebel Kettle, a little patio time at Copper Grill, followed by dinner with friends at Ira’s Restaurant, a new place downtown that is absolutely amazing.

9/30: Sunday Funday has become a staple in our house, and I decided to dress comfy for it today in Gap leggings. We rode our bikes to the State Capitol and I grabbed some Pokemon, then we did a little patio hopping from Vino’s to Bark Bar to Brewski’s for wings and football. It was a PERFECT patio day and I love our bike riding Sundays.

So, that’s what I wore in September! October - coming soon.