My Kind of Holiday :: Thanksgiving with Target

I LOVE Thanksgiving. Let's face it, eating is basically a sport for me and this is the only holiday where both stretchy pants and three to four plates in a row are perfectly acceptable.


I've always helped with Thanksgiving dinner with my family, but after getting married last year and adding a whole new family to cook for, I got the opportunity to cook my very first Thanksgiving dinner on my own. I love cooking, but I love cooking for family even more.

I don't have any tips for cooking the perfect dinner, really. We actually bought our turkey from Popeye's (which I HIGHLY recommend) and then I made cajun inspired dishes to go with it, like cajun cornbread stuffing. What I can give you is a few Thanksgiving day ideas for what to wear - all from Target. You know, because even your crazy aunt lives next to a Target.

Myself, I tend to go the dress + leggings route. Why? Leggings are stretchy and delightful. and allow for ultimate turkey baby room. If your family goes a little dressier, a festive red dress and tights would be perfect. And I LOVE this sweater - the flowy part at the bottom is perfect for disguising any stuffing you might have and these printed jeggings are too fun.

thanksgiving outfits.jpg

So this holiday, if you forgot to pack anything but your onsie PJs and your red leather pants, just drop by Target. Boom. And save some can shaped cranberry for me.

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