AJ Wears :: A Patterned Dress

Patterns are tricky beasts, man. I have no idea why someone would make a dress where the pattern seemed to expand from the middle out, making any wearer automatically look more pregnant, but here we are.

I originally intended to wear this dress to a fashion event tonight, but when my friends bailed I decided there's no such thing as "too fancy for work." When someone asks you what you're all dressed up for, the most appropriate answer is always, "LIFE."

Bonus fun fact: The waist of this dress is actually sheer, but since my boobs ate it, it's totes works appropes! #bloggerhacks 

AJ Wears : A Bright Shift

Once a month, there's a magical day at work we call "Fourth Friday." The fourth Friday of each month everyone at work gets to leave at 2 pm and do whatever they like, which for me was dropping by E.Leigh's for their big 3rd birthday party followed by wine with my friends at Leo's. I snagged the last one of this bright yellow dress, which as it turns out, is a great "all day" dress. We started at a baby gender reveal party and ended up at the new Heights Tacos & Tamales for dinner. And yup, it was delicious. In fact, I'm thinking about those tamales and mojitos right. now.

Dress, E.Leigh's (similar from boohoo).
Necklace, BaubleBar.
Bag, Michael Kors (version without hardware).
Sandals, Isola (this year's version).