Closet Confessions :: Inventory Pt. 3

It's been a while since I updated my closet inventory for you guys - so I wanted to take a few minutes and do a quick update.

With my recent lifestyle change - I moved from working at home (casual wear) to in an office (business professional) - I definitely added several things to my closet in the transition. I also did another ruthless purge where I got rid of everything that wasn't my style any more. Here are some updated numbers:


The part of my closet that showed the biggest improvement was dresses. I've always loved dresses, and I've always loved buying a new dress for special occasions...and then never wearing it again, because I'd already been photographed in it. I still held on to a lot of them though, because I remember looking so darn good in them. I finally came to terms with the fact that some dresses are really re-wearable and others are just...not. And thanks to the discovery of Rent the Runway, I can keep my closet free of special occasion dresses.

I also forgot to include skirts and shorts. There are less, though. I tossed anything too short, tween, too small or in a shape I didn't love.

Shoes remain in limbo, because I've always thought of them as a collection more than anything else, but I'm starting to list a few that are too small or too ridiculous for real life. I've been gravitating toward the same few pairs of shoes lately, so it won't hurt to clear out the flops. Plus, as a JustFab Brand Ambassador, they continue to gift me new pairs so I'll become overrun if I don't be a little choosy. Bags have also gotten a nice cut. I've sold a few impulse buys, given a few to friends, and listed a couple more. I pretty much only want to carry the nicer ones now, so there's no reason to hang on to the others if they'll just take up space.

It's weird, the biggest thing that's happening in my closet right now is that my taste has changed a lot. A lot of the pieces in my closet not only didn't fit my style any more, they didn't fit my lifestyle either. Could I be growing up?? No way. That's weird.

Moving forward, I'm going to try a one-in-one-out policy and toss something every time I pick up something new; even as I was counting tonight I found a sweater that I was like, "Whaa? How did this make it?!" I also see my closet now as more of a revolving door concept. Once I get tired of things, I think I'll donate or sell them to make way for new and better things. I tend to want to wear my newer items more often, so this makes sense for my closet in the future.

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