Tech Chic :: Intel Tablet

I'm a gadget junkie. Laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile, wearable...if it has an internet connection and a plug, I'm in! Intel sent me this adorable Acer Iconia Tab 8 last month and I've been playing around with it ever since. It's portable, fast, and has a GORGEOUS screen. So I wanted to show you guys how I use my Intel tablet in every day life - work, play, and blog.

For Reading

Its small size and super crisp screen make this tablet perfect for kicking back and relaxing. I've been reading #GIRLBOSS lately on the Amazon Kindle app and can't put it down!

For the Perfect Shot

I love browsing Instagram on this tablet. For you tech geeks, the screen is a gorgeou 1920x1200 full HD resolution so it makes everything look great, and the 5mp back camera is perfect for snapping pics on the go. The front camera is 2mp, so it's a selfie machine.

For Rocking Out

I work in a bustling ad agency, so the office can get pretty noisy. Since I'm in a cube, I like to pop on some headphones when I'm writing to help me concentrate. I've really enjoyed having my tablet at work to listen to Spotify while I work.

For Whipping Something Up

I've also been using my tablet in the kitchen. I throw it in my purse for the trip to the store so I can check my list, then it's my little helper at dinner while I'm following my recipes. We've been using eMeals for two years now, and I couldn't live without it, so I was stoked to find out they had an app for Android.

For Everywhere

My favorite feature of the Acer tab - yes, it's powerful. Yes, it's pretty. Yes, it's fun to use. But it's ultra portability is what won me over. It's tiny enough to fit in even my smallest bag! I've been taking it with me almost everywhere and using my phone to tether it to wifi. It's been great for looking up info in meetings, asking friends for advice on a purchase over a glass of wine, or browsing Twitter while I wait for my dinner date. Basically, any time I want a larger screen than a phone.

I'm planning another post about how to blog with an Intel tablet later this month! Any gadget geeks out there that have questions about the Acer tab?

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