AJ Wears :: A Striped Dress

Yesterday was one of those miserable yet delightful days where it poured ALL. DAY. LONG. Miserable if you have to get out in it at all, but wonderful because my office window is huge and looks out over the river downtown. I spent most of the day in sock feet at my desk (because rainboots aren't comfortable to wear all day, let's face it) enjoying the rain beating against the window and watching people try to run to their cars without umbrellas. Which was totally fair to enjoy, because I didn't have an umbrella either.

Dress, Love 21 (super similar from Swell).
Trench, Coach (similar from Target).
Boots, Hunter (exact).
Bag, Vintage (similar from Forever 21).

AJ Wears :: A Giant Sweater

Some days in personal style blogging are glamorous (or so I hear). Brunches and parties and fashion shows, topped off with cute mini dresses and fierce heels.

Today is not one of those days.

No, today is about a sweater so large I could share it with three friends at once. It's about jeggings that are so stretchy, they don't even feel like pants (BUT, there are pockets and zippers so they totally count).

Today is a day where it poured most of the day, so I shined up my Hunters with some olive oil (totally works) and took the puddles in full jumps. Because in order to look glamorous and fabulous on the fancy days, you gotta appreciate the slummy kind of days too.

Sweater, Urban Outfitters (recent in store, love this striped similar).
Tee, Old Navy (exact, will be buying a new one this year! It's love).
Jeans, Express (exact).
Boots, Hunter.
Necklace, BaubleBar (exact).
Bag, JustFab.