Beauty Junk :: Summer Beauty Favorites

I don't do a lot of beauty stuff on the blog. I'm no beauty guru, but I *am* a Sephora Rouge member with a serious love for product. I've found a lot of stuff this summer that I am in LOVE with, so I thought I'd share a few of them with you here, especially since it's stuff I haven't seen all over.

1. Lush Rump Bottom Rub


This is my end-all, be-all summer must-have. I know, I hate the words "must-have" as much as you do, but if you've got any amount of thighs and deal with chub rub during the warmer months, this is actually a must-have. Even though I hate the smell, it was worth every penny. From the back of the package: "This gorgeous floral lotion makes things more comfortable and helps with friction and chafing." And lemme tell you - it WORKS. If I'm wearing shorts or a dress (or even a swimsuit!) I rub some of this between my thighs before I leave. I haven't had any incidents all summer (remember the chub rub incident of 2017???), even though I've been walking everywhere. Expert tip: Put a little in a small pot and throw it in your handbag for reapplications if you're going to be doing a lot of walking since it tends to lose effectiveness if you sweat too much.

2. Ardell Magnetic Accents


I picked up the magnetic strip lashes from Ardell on a random Target trip one time and man, I could not figure those things out. I resigned myself to thinking that it was either paying for the real deal or just figuring out lash glue. But when I saw a video about how to put on their accent lashes, I gave them another shot. 

The accents are FAR easier to put on, and make a big impact for just a little bit of effort. Plus when you get tired of them, you can just pop them off! It doesn't mess up your liner like traditional strip lashes. I love these things for super dramatic looks when I don't have a lot of time to fuss with lashes. 

3. Brush Cleaning Sponges


I'm not giving a particular brand of these because you can pretty much find them all over and they're all the same dang thing. It's basically a sponge in a tin can, but it's so handy when you're playing with lots of shadow colors! I've been experimenting with really colorful shadows lately and this has been great for cleaning my brushes between colors. 

4. Cover FX Blurring Primer and Dior Forever Undercover Foundation


I don't often find foundations I'm willing to rave about, but after a MUA used this on me I was hooked. It's so pretty on and applies really well with a brush. I just need my tan to calm down a bit because it's gotten just a biiiiit too light for me right now. I've also been loving the Cover FX Primer I got in a BoxyCharm a few months ago. It reminds me of Benefit's Porefessional, except a little more heavy duty. It LASTS, too. I can't believe I haven't finished the tube yet.

5. Colorful Eyeshadow


Who am I? I've suddenly gotten the urge to wear COLOR on my face. I have been a pretty boring "Neutral Palette" kind of girl most of my life, but recently I started playing with all sorts of new colors on my eyes. This particular palette is from BoxyCharm, but I'm planning on doing a huge review of the obnoxious number of Hush palettes I've bought the past few months too. 

6. Fenty Blotting Powder


Honestly, I don't even know if this stuff works, but it *feels* like it does. I use it in my problem areas before I leave for the day and toss it in my purse for quick touch-ups. I feel like it's lighter than a normal translucent powder and won't mess with my makeup! Plus the packaging is rad.

7. NYX Epic Ink Liner


This liner popped up again and again after the KVD nonsense broke as a good dupe, but it wasn't until NYX slammed down on some hateful fools on Instagram that I felt compelled to try the brand out. This isn't new news, I'm sure you all knew this already, but this stuff is awesome. I like it better than the Tattoo Liner I've been using and it's only $6. Why on earth was I paying more?

What beauty junk are you guys loving right now?