AJ Wears :: A Leopard Dress

Okay, you caught me. I wore this WEEKS ago and just now blogged it.

Also, this purse doesn’t have a strap on it, because I couldn’t find my dog’s leash one morning so I took the strap and walked her using that. And then I lost it.

Finally, I’ve found a spot on the top of my work’s parking deck that’s great for taking photos. So great, in fact, that there are competing fashion bloggers sometimes and I can’t get the spot I like. They’re fancy though and bring “friends” or “photographers” with them to take their photos, while I just prop my tripod on the door of my car and hope for the best. FASHION!


Dress, c/o SheIn (exact).
Coat, SheIn (exact).
Heels, Valentino (similar from SheIn)
Bag, Coach (similar from Walmart).

AJ Wears :: A Scarf Dress

While scarves were originally invented for function - warmth, mainly - the scarf’s evolution into the silky, printed variety passed beyond function and exists for one purpose only: fashion. Beethoven was one of the first recorded fashionistas to wear a pointless scarf, adding one to his outfit way back in 1810 to try and woo a lady. In 1937, Hermès strayed from their traditional horse garb to create the first true luxury scarf (which, FYI, are made from 250 moth cocoons, which I think is rad).

In 2018, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and Versace all took an interest in the silk scarf and showed elaborate outfits composed of head-to-toe silk patterns. And as we learned from Miranda Priestly, it trickled down through department stores and eventually to the online retailers like SheIn where I could finally experiment with the look without the Hermès tag commitment.


Dress, c/o SheIn (exact // extra 15% off with code Q1ajwears15!)
Boots, Stuart Weitzman (exact // similar for less)
Coat, Coach (similar from Asos)

AJ Wears :: A Polka Dot Dress

Guys, I’m into dresses again. I went through a pretty heavy pants phase recently but lately I’ve been in a grab-and-go kind of mood and this dress definitely fits the bill. In fact, I wore it at least two or three times in July when I first got it. I don’t know what it is about a magical cloth tube that makes you automatically look like you have your life together, but here we are.


Dress, ShoeDazzle (pretty sure I bought the last one but here’s a cute one from Asos).
Shoes, Everlane.
Necklace, Baublebar.

I’d love to say that this dress is versatile, but to be honest…it’s pretty rinse, wear, repeat. I try to vary it a little with my accessories but for the most part, it looks exactly the same every day. So, I try to not wear it every day. TRY.