Day to Night :: Little Blue Dress

It's the oldest trick in the book. Have dress, add jacket, it's for work! Ditch jacket, it's for happy hour! I know the mags have been suggesting this for years, but I always love to see a day-to-night situation in action.


I wore this dress and jacket to work, and then tossed the jacket to show off the sheer cut-outs for dinner with friends. The purse swap was a quick fix too, since I just tossed it in my larger bag. There's no rocket science here. It's just planning your outfit for the whole day, instead of just your first event.

Dress, Nicole Miller via Rent the Runway (rent it // similar from 6pm).
Heels, Zara (similar from H&M).
Necklace, Banana Republic (similar from Charming Charlie).
Bags, Balenciaga and Clare V.

AJ Wears :: Rent the Runway

First things first, Happy Birthday to me. We're celebrating the first anniversary of my 30th birthday. While most people choose to celebrate their 29th birthday forever, I've discovered the 30's are just like your 20's except with more money and better parties. The thirties are alright with me.

In other news, this dress was another Rent the Runway victory. It fit like a glove; no Spanx necessary. One of the perks of being a Pro Member is a free $50 rental on your birthday, so every year I always enjoy choosing something to wear for my birthday dinner (which was sushi this year).

Dress, RVN via Rent the Runway.
Bag, Clare V (exact).
Shoes, Stuart Weitzman (exact).
Wrist, Apple & Valentino.

And if you ever wondered what girls look like when they're trying to perfect the you go. It was cute, I swear, although I'm pretty sure it just disappeared from Snapchat (follow my antics @ ajs.snaps).

AJ Wears :: A Hat

There's always great debate about whether someone is a hat person or not. Whenever the subject of hats pops up, someone always chimes in that they are "not a hat person." But what if you just never found the right hat??

Today is not just about hats, though. Today is about fitting a bunch of blogger cliches into one post. Trendy hat? Check. Mixing prints? Check. Useless draped jacket? You betcha. That one clutch that you have to buy to be considered a legitimate blogger? YUP. Seriously though, I've admired this clutch for a very long time. I don't have many nice clutches, so this was a welcome addition to my handbag collection.

Hat, ASOS (similar from Express).
Tee, The Limited (similar from Joe Fresh).
Jacket, Kenneth Cole (faux similar from XXI / real similar from Bloomingdale's).
Jeans, Hudson (Barbara, exact here).
Shoes, JustFab (exact).
Clutch, Clare V. c/o Shopbop.